How Much Does a Notary Public Cost

Some transactions require documents to make it complete. These documents, in turn need to be notarized. Notarization of documents are performed by a notary public; a commissioned representative of the state charged with verifying the identity of the signer, ensuring that he is not being forced to sign against his own will and witnessing a signing event.

Notary Services Cost        

Different states have cap notarial fees at varying rates. Some set their cap between $1 to $2. So a particular notarial service in New York could possibly cost differently in Kansas. But on average cost per document across the country is from $ 1.50 to $10. So the venue would somehow have a bearing on how much does a notary public cost.

Notary service for documentationThe fees for notaries public are set by the Secretary of the Commonwealth with the approval of the Attorney General

  • Acknowledgments

It is a formal declaration of a signature done before a public official. It is usually a notary public. But in many states, the public official can be a judge, mayor or other similar official. The Acknowledgment must be a part of the original document. Average cost is $1 to $10

  • Jurats

This t is used when the signer is swearing to the content of the document. Average cost is from $1 to $10

  • Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that allows you to appoint a person or organization to manage your affairs if you become unable to do so. Average cost is $10

  • Deposition

A deposition is a signed transcript of an oral statement made by an individual for use in a legal matter. Average cost is $ 3 to $35

  • Oaths & Affirmations

An oath is a verbal promise to tell the truth. An affirmation is a verbal, solemn and formal declaration, which substitutes an oath. A person can opt to make an affirmation instead of taking an oath. Average cost is $1 to $15. The ceiling price of that range is ups store notary fee

  • Proof of Execution by subscribing witness

The proof of execution by subscribing witness certificate is used when a principal signer who cannot appear before the notary requests a third party to witness that it was indeed signed or to acknowledge the signatures on a document and then to bring the signed document to the notary. Average cost is $10

  • Copy of journal entry

Average cost is 30 cents per page.

  • Instrument of conveyance

A deed typically serves as the instrument that conveys title from one person or entity to another. Average cost is $25

  • Executing certificates

A statement sworn by a witness wherein he confirms that an agreement was properly executed by one of the parties involved in that agreement. Average cost is from $ 5to $5.00

  • Executing affidavits

This affidavit being among the offered notary services cost $5.00 at the average. It establishes that the signatory of the document personally witnessed the signing of another document, such as an affidavit, will or contract.

  • Certifying or attesting a copy

The certification or attestation of a copied document. In this act, the notary public certifies or attests that the photocopy is indeed a true copy of the original document. Average cost is $ 10.00

  • Receiving or noting a protest of a negotiable instrument

A protest is a written statement by a notary indicating that payment for a negotiable instrument has not been received. Average cost is $10.00


Here’s a notary public that one doesn’t need to see in person just to have a document notarized. The eNotary conducts his business electronically. Moreover, processing for notarization can be done remotely. Average cost per signature is $25 per signature in US and $79 per signature for international.

Mobile notary

A mobile notary is a notary public who is mobile and travels to clients. Their rate is higher than what is given on office notary publics since they include their travel fee on their rates. Average cost is about $25 – $75 for 1 to 2 notarizations and an additional $5 to $10 per notarization thereafter.

How to Save on Notary Services Expense

The big question on how much does a notary public cost has been answered with the rates offered across the states that have been discussed earlier. The bottom line though, is they cost a small fortune and saving a bit on it is possible through any of the following:

  • Close at the title or escrow office because these don’t usually charge for notarizations.
  • Request that your documentation package is sent to you and you find your own notary.
  • Tell the loan officer to use the same title company who closed the previous mortgage or refinance, thereby reducing escrow, title insurance, and abstract fees and reducing the overall closings costs during a refinance.
  • Instead of going to the usual places like banks and office supply stores, find a private notary.
  • Get documents notarized at banks and credit unions free-of-charge
  • Get own notary. Pay for an employee or co-worker to get their notary and simply always use their notary signatures for the documents free-of-charge. That way there would be no need to worry about an ups store notary fee.


People can’t do away with documents. Much more with notary publics since there’s always a possibility that the next transaction would need the services of one. Notarization would make a document legal and binding. Hence, having files undergo these should not be avoided but rather be undertaken in an expeditious and prompt manner.

With the differences in the prices of the notarial rates among the states and notarial types, it is possible that it would be easier to minimize fees which normally comes with the process. But if convenience is to be considered and the client is willing to pay extra, the notary services have also evolved to cater to situations like that.  The concern on the notary services cost in that case would just take the backseat in the meantime.

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