How Much Does Oheka Castle Wedding Cost

In the passages of the Christian Bible (Ephesians 5:31), it was said that “a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.” Apart from the context of ethical and moral values being conveyed in this message, it might also be important to consider the financial aspects of the wedding as well. While some traditional parents pay a portion of the dowry to make their children’s union possible, there are others who take the Biblical message literally and leave the marrying individuals on their own (financially).

The average cost of the entire wedding ceremony in the United States is around $20,000 to $27,000. This means the couples representing the American working class majority, who earns a rough estimate of $14.4 per hour, will have to save half a year of each of their salary to get married in a decent formal ceremony. With this projection in mind, it is safe to say that a huge portion of the wedding budget also goes to the venue.

 Oheka Castle Wedding field

Among the many prestigious wedding locations on the East Coast, the Oheka Castle tourist attraction proves to be one of the most popular.

Curiously, this French-inspired suburban estate in Huntington (New York) is the second largest private home in all of the United States.

When considering the Oheka Castle wedding cost, here is how the average spending is tallied:

  1. Location fee: $7,000 to $12,000
  2. Meals per head: $200 to $500
  3. Buyout rate for all rooms: At least $6,500

It is important to take note that the standard Oheka Castle wedding price may vary according to the market season. The location fee may exceed up to $14,000 during peak season such as February, during the most romantic month of the year or in June, the unofficial but prevalent wedding month in the United States. In order to catch a price that drops down to $10,000, the best time to schedule the wedding ceremony is in the winter months of January or March.

Capacity & Features

The overall Oheka Castle wedding price includes a total capacity of 400 people. However, weekend weddings can accommodate up to a total of 1,000 guests. Considering how the location fee might be altered ‘time and atmosphere,’ weekend weddings could be a little more expensive due to stiff competition and schedule demand.

In booking the wedding ceremony at Oheka Castle, one may choose the Historic, Mansion, or Hotel type of venue. The style also sports three options, namely; Classic, Garden, or Glamorous. As for the setting, clients can either go for the Indoor or Outdoor wedding ceremony and reception.

Its event services are limited to accommodations, catering/bar, outside vendors, and the wedding cake. Apart from the main dishes (hors d’oeuvres) and dessert, the catering services also offer cocktail reception, food stations, plates and servers, and its signature ‘French service.’ The bar services include bartenders, premium liquor, and champagne toast – with a key emphasis on the liquor license and open bar setting. As for the transportation aspect, the Oheka Castle has a valet service for parking and the venue is accessible for people on wheelchairs.

Top 3 Reviews

Apart from the Oheka Castle wedding price, the ‘value assessment’ of choosing this wedding venue also boils down to its popular feedback.

The following three web sites about to be mentioned in this part of the article represent different perspectives that somehow convey similar positive viewpoint about Oheka Castle as a wedding venue. Here are some of the pages worth noting:

 Oheka Castle beautiful view

  • Wedding Wire: As one of the most comprehensive catalogue references for wedding venues, Wedding Wire scored Oheka Castle a total average of 4.6 out of 5.0. For overall ‘service quality,’ this venue received a rating of 4.7. The same numerical score is also afforded to the area of ‘professionalism.’ For its overall ‘flexibility’ in terms of meeting general customer satisfaction, this venue was given the rate of 4.6. The least scores are reserved for the return on investment ‘value’ of Oheka Castle wedding cost and overall ‘responsiveness’ – where both areas leave Oheka Castle with the rate of 4.5.
  • Trip Advisor: One of the leading sources of reviews for tourism, Trip Advisor has a total of 210 personal feedbacks from its community members regarding the overall quality of Oheka Castle as a premier wedding site. Out of the 210 comments, 126 categorized Oheka Castle as an ‘excellent’ venue. A fractional 46 reviewers think that this location is ‘very good.’ Those who consider it an ‘average’ venue is only represented by 23 feedbacks. Only 10 managed to express dissatisfaction over Oheka Castle, with 7 attesting that it is a ‘poor’ choice and 3 who say it is a ‘terrible’ idea to choose this wedding site.

Curiously, Oheka Castle ranks No. 1 in the top 3 hotels and accommodations in Huntington area identified by Trip Advisor. Falling behind it is the renowned competitor Whitman Motor Lodge, which garnered a total of 230 reviews from the website’s community members.

  • The Knot: Being one of the relatively popular websites that feature a diverse array of contents discussing weddings, The Knot has given its own detailed assessment about the second biggest private home in the United States. As of 2012 and 2013, this website has awarded Oheka Castle as its choice for the ‘best of weddings.’ Until recently, this venue has maintained a total of 5 stars.

The one glaring factor that prospective couples should consider in this website’s overall review is their take on the Oheka Castle wedding cost. For better or worse, they dubbed it as ‘expensive.’ This little detail can possibly compel potential customers to look for other options around the East Coast area. But for anyone who does not consider the price as the leading factor, Oheka Castle can be an excellent option. With the exception of one feedback that encourages all wedding planners to negotiate everything in advance, all comments in the opinion thread give away generous acclaim.

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