How Much Does Oracle License Cost

Oracle is one of the largest IT companies in the world, ranking 4th in 2016 behind Accenture, Microsoft Corporation, and IBM according to Some of its well-known product categories are the Oracle applications, Oracle Fusion, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database and Java.

If you are not an IT person, prepare to have a nosebleed as Oracle’s software licensing can be complex. And since it is famous for its acquisitions over the years such Netsuite, MICROS Systems, Datalogix, Acme Packet, Sun, BEA Systems among others, license costs vary from time to time.

The following are the oracle license prices per product suite:


The Oracle database, which is an object-relational database management system or otherwise known as Oracle RDBMS, remains the flagship product despite the extensive expansion of Oracle’s portfolio brought about by its acquisitions over the years.

Below are the Oracle database license fees.

ORACLE DATABASENamed User PlusSoftware Update License & SupportProcessor License
Standard Edition 2
Enterprise Edition$950$209$47,500
Personal Edition$460$101.20
Mobile Server$23,000
NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition$200
Real Application Clusters$460$101.20$23,000
Real Application Clusters One Node
Real Application Testing$230$50.60$11,500
Advanced Compression$230$50.60$11,500
Advanced Security$300$66.00$15,000
Label Security$230$50.60$11,500
Database Vault
Advanced Analytics$460$101.20$23,000
Spatial and Graph$350$77$17,500
Database In-Memory$460$101.20$23,000
Retail Data Model$800$176$40,000
Communications Data Model
Airlines Data Model$800$176$40,000
Utilities Data Model$800$176
DATABASE ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENTNamed User PlusSoftware Update License & SupportProcessor License
Diagnostics Pack
Tuning Pack$100$22$5,000
Database Lifecycle Management Pack$240$52.80$12,000
Data Masking and Subsetting Pack$230$50.60$11,500
Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database$150$33.00$7,500


The Oracle Developer Suite combines the application development and the business intelligence tools which lets developers develop exceptional applications for different portals, wireless devices, and web services.

Below are the different Oracle developer license costs:

JAVA, SOA, AND WEB 2.0 DEVELOPMENTNamed User PlusSoftware Update License & SupportProcessor License
1. BPM Suite<>strong
Unified Business Process Management Suite$1,150$253$57,500
2. Coherencee<>strong
Coherence Standard Edition One
Coherence Enterprise Edition
Coherence Grid Edition
WebLogic Coherence Grid Edition Option
Management Pack for Oracle Coherence
Coherence Ent. Edition for Oracle Applications
3. Java SE<>strong
Java SE Advanced Desktop
Java SE Advanced$100$22$5,000
Java SE Suite$300$66$15,000
4. ADF<>strong
TopLink & Application Development Framework$120$26.40$5,800
5. SOA Suite<>strong
SOA Suite for Non Oracle Middleware
SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware
Integration Continuous Availability
Real-Time Integration Business Insight
SOA Management Pack Enterprise Edition$500$110$25,000
SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware for Oracle Apps$240$52.80$23,000
6. WebCenter Suite<>strong
WebCenter Suite Plus
WebCenter Portal$2,500$550$125,000
WebCenter Content$3,450$759$172,500
WebCenter Sites$2,000$440$100,000
WebCenter Sites Satellite Server$500$110$25,000
WebCenter Universal Content Management$2,300$506$115,000
WebCenter Imaging
WebCenter Forms Recognition$2,000$440$100,000
WebCenter Enterprise Capture$1,200$264$60,000
WebCenter Capture Enterprise Standard Edition$600$132$30,000
WebCenter Real-Time Collaboration$100$22$20,000
7. WebLogic Servere<>strong
WebLogic Server Standard Edition
WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition
WebLogic Server Multitenant
WebLogic Server Continuous Availability
WebLogic Server Mngt. Pack Enterprise Edition
DATABASE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENTNamed User PlusSoftware Update License & SupportProcessor License
1. TimesTen In-Memory Database<>strong
TimesTen Application-Tier Database Cache
TimesTen In-Memory Database
Application-Tier DB Cache for Oracle Apps
2. Berkeley DB Family<>strong
Berkeley DB - High Availability
Berkeley DB Java Edition - High Availability
Berkeley DB Java Edition-Transactional Data Store
Berkeley DB Java Edition - Concurrent Data Store
Berkeley DB XML - High Availability
Berkeley DB XML-Transactional Data Store
Berkeley DB XML - Concurrent Data Store
Berkeley DB XML - Data Store
Berkeley DB - Transactional Data Store
Berkeley DB - Concurrent Data Store
Berkeley DB - Data Store$900
Berkeley DB – High Availability for Oracle Apps
Berkeley DB – Transactional Data Store for Oracle Applications
Berkeley DB Java Edition–High Availability for Oracle Apps
Berkeley DB Java Edn.–Transactional Data Store for Oracle Apps
Per wireless handset<>strongSoftware Update License & Support<>strongProcessor License<>strong
Berkeley DB - Transactional Data Store
Berkeley DB - Concurrent Data Store
Berkeley DB - Data Store$6$1.32$900
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & REPORTINGNamed User PlusSoftware Update License & SupportProcessor License
1. BI Publisher
BI Publisher for Oracle Applications$60$13.20$18,400
2. Business Intelligencer
Business Intelligence Standard Edition One
Server Enterprise Edition$350$77$51,800
Suite Extended Edition$2,000$440$221,250
Suite Foundation Edition$3,675$808.50$300,000
Server Administrator$5,800$1,276
Data Visualization$1,250$275$100,000
Scorecard and Strategy Management
Interactive Dashboard$580$127.60$86,500
Business Intelligence Management Pack
Data Integrator for Oracle BI
Informatica PowerCenter & PowerConnect Adapters
Metadata Management for Oracle BI$2,400$528$80,000
Essbase Plus$2,900$638$138,000
Hyperion Interactive Reporting$800$176$69,000
Hyperion SQR Production Reporting$460$101.20$23,000
Hyperion Financial Reporting
Big Data BI Big Data Discovery$20,000$4,400$50,000
BI Publisher for Oracle Applications
BI Suite Foundation Edition for Oracle Apps
BI Suite Extended Edition for Oracle Apps
Application Adapters for Warehouse Builder

Data Integrator

The ODI is an extract, load and transform tool (ELT) that covers all kinds of data integration requirements by offering superior developer productivity and better user experience especially in business intelligence systems.

The Oracle data integrator license costs are as follows:

Data Integration TechnologyNamed User PlusSoftware Update License & SupportProcessor License
Data Service Integrator
Data Integrator Enterprise Edition
Data Integrator for Big Data$3,000
Enterprise Metadata Management
Enterprise Data Quality Profiling for Data Inte$100,000
Enterprise Data Quality Audit and Dashboard for Data Integration
Ent. Data Quality Real-Time Processing for Data Integration
Enterprise Data Quality Batch Processing for Data Integration
Ent. Data Quality Address Verification Server for Data Integration
Data Integration Suite$70,000
GoldenGate for Non Oracle Database$350
GoldenGate for Mainframe$2,000$440$100,000
GoldenGate Veridata$600$132$30,000
GoldenGate for Teradata Replication Services$350$77$17,500
GoldenGate for Big Data$400$88$20,000
GoldenGate Foundation Suite$150$33$7,500

Data Guard

This ensures high quality of service by offering a high availability of data, protection and disaster recovery like surviving data corruptions among others, for the users especially for large enterprises.

The Oracle data guard license cost is:

Named User PlusSoftware Update License & SupportProcessor License
Active Data Guard$230$50.60$11,500

For a complete list of Oracle products and license price, please check out this link.

Factors Affecting Cost of Oracle License

Factors Affecting Cost of Oracle License

The cost of Oracle license varies depending on the number of users and your preference, or that of your company.

The two main options that Oracle offers are the Processor metric and Named User Plus metric. The main difference of the two is that, under processor metric, there is no limit as to the number of users that can access the programs, whereas, under the Named User Plus, you are limited to a number of users that your license allows.

When your company is constantly expanding, where the number of users can increase significantly anytime, the Processor metric seems to be a wiser choice. While the Named User Plus is more cost effective when there is a relatively small number of users.

Other types of Oracle licensing are the Unlimited License agreement, Standard Edition Per-socket licensing, Enterprise Edition Per-core licensing, Concurrent Device licenses, Application Specific Full Use Licensing, and Embedded Software License.

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