How Much Does Otoplasty Cost

While the majority of people don’t really pay any attention to the way their ears look and see this as “normal”, there are still a significant number of individuals who are quite unhappy with the shape and size of theirs. While the physical ear shape and size often do not produce any effects on a person’s hearing abilities, this can cause some insecurity in others.

Children with protruding or asymmetrical ear shapes and sizes are often teased and bullied by their classmates and peers until they grow up which can have an effect on their overall confidence. Some may try to hide their ears with their hair or by using bonnets and hat to make them less noticeable.

Otoplasty sergery test

Good thing there is otoplasty, which is also known as ear pinning or ear surgery. This type of plastic surgery is done to improve the physical appearance, shape, proportion, and positioning of the ears. By undergoing otoplasty, individuals can choose their desired ear shape that will look more natural and proportional to their face and facial features.

Some people who have minor ear deformities can also undergo otoplasty to fix these and rebuild their self-esteem.

If you would like to undergo an otoplasty procedure, you might be wondering—how much does otoplasty cost? We will tackle this topic in this article.

How Much Does Otoplasty Cost?

Individuals who may have ear deformities or simply do not like the way their ear’s shape and size look can undergo otoplasty or ear pinning to change the aesthetic appearance of their ears. Children can undergo an otoplasty procedure as long as they are healthy, do not have chronic ear infections, at least five years old, and are able to communicate what they feel. For adults, otoplasty can be done as long as they are healthy, do not have medical conditions, and do not smoke.

According to, the average otoplasty or ear pinning cost from the 2015 statistics conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is $2,965. This cost covers only for the actual procedure and does not include the cost for anesthesia, facilities and other expenses.

On the day of the surgery, your surgeon will give you a local or general anesthesia to numb the pain during the procedure. The otoplasty procedure often takes an approximate one to two hours of operation depending on the process needed. After the operation, your surgeon will discuss whether you will need to stay in the hospital or can go home and simply return on the date of your checkup.

When considering other expenses in addition to the actual procedure, lists the price as costing $5,000 or more. When knowing how much does otoplasty cost and why does it cost a lot, there are several factors that should be considered.

For one, the surgeon of your choice will be giving you the cost of his fee depending on the procedure that will be done.  A more renowned surgeon with good credentials may ask for a higher fee than other surgeons who are new in this field. Whichever surgeon you choose make sure that he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Furthermore, your surgeon will also determine the cost of the procedure depending on the process that needs to be done.  A simple ear pinning cost will be significantly lower than the cost of doing an ear surgery to treat physical ear injuries and deformities. This is because of more complex procedure and treatment that needs to be done on ear deformities and injuries.

Another factor to consider with regards to the cost of otoplasty is the location. Different states and countries charge different otoplasty rates. If you are opting to have your otoplasty procedure done in a different location where a surgeon charges a lower cost, you should factor in the expenses of lodging and transportation.

What are the Additional Costs to Consider?

In addition to the actual cost of the procedure, anesthesia, and surgeon’s fee, there are other costs that you should also consider. Before your surgeon gives the go-signal for the operation, he may require you to provide medical certificates and proofs that you are fit to undergo otoplasty.

Ear examination and consultations before and after the procedure will also be required by your doctor. Usually, pain medications will be prescribed by your doctor for a week after the surgery to help you cope with pain. After surgery, your surgeon will make you wear an otoplasty band for one to two weeks. This costs $42 from

Post-surgery appointments and medications will be prescribed by your doctor up to a period when he thinks that you no longer need them. Oftentimes, a more complicated surgery will take a longer healing time and your surgeon may also require you to return for check-up visits more often to ensure that the procedure went successfully and your ears are healing correctly.

How Can You Lower The Cost of Your Otoplasty?

Image of Otoplasty process

Upon considering how much does otoplasty cost and all the related expenses in this procedure, you should know that it can be quite costly. This is why it is important that you are prepared for the expenses of undergoing this surgery.

There are plastic surgery clinics and surgeons who offer discounts for adult patients who are going to avail of otoplasty combined with other procedures. The Fox Valley Surgery provides different types of discounts for patients. Some of these include discounts on the 2nd and 3rd procedures for the surgeons and facility fee. They also provide a 5% discount on patients who are going to pay by cash.

If you are considering whether otoplasty can be covered by insurance, the answer is no if the procedure is meant only for aesthetic purposes. Your health insurance can cover some of your expenses if the reason for the procedure is to correct a deformity or ear defect. To apply for this, you can ask your ear surgeon for a letter or certification about the case so your insurance company can consider this as being covered by your health insurance. Otherwise, you will have to shoulder the overall ear pinning cost.

While otoplasty or ear pinning may cost thousands of dollars, the long-term benefits of undergoing this procedure should be greatly considered. Children and adults alike can have their self-confidence self-esteem regained due to the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of their ears.

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