Peter Luger Steakhouse Menu Prices

This epic house of meat was established in 1887 in Brooklyn.  Zagat has since named it the Best Steakhouse in New York City for a record 28 years in a row. That is not an easy feat.  The perfectly juicy porterhouse steaks cut in massive linebacker portions makes Peter Luger’s the winning go-to spot in New York for ravenous carnivores.  Diners can order their signature steak sauce.  The source is excellent on steak, chicken, burgers and seafood.  Peter Luger menu prices will not let any fine diner down.  They are sure worth.

The secret to their fame lies in the perfectly dry-aged, marbled USDA Prime Porterhouse steak, straightforward peter luger restaurant menu itemmenu, and top it off with a no-frills atmosphere.   The Brooklyn restaurant boasts of a long wooden bar, and exposed wooden beams in the dining area, burnished oak wainscoting, brass chandeliers and weathered beer-hall tables.  It was it was named as one of the American Classics in the James Beard Foundation’s list.

If you are at home and craving some good food, you can also order Peter Luger steaks or their famous steak sauce online. Both locations are open for lunch and dinner.

Many people are always amazed when they hear the story of how Peter Luger Steakhouse was started.  The steakhouse began as an ingenious idea of a 17-year-old high school drop.  Sol Forman was working as a full-time street lamps lighter and made silverware and metal giftware. Sol Forman, although his name is not in the restaurant, made Peter Luger menu prices and Steakhouse one of the best restaurants in New York.

Peter Luger menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices
Family Selected. Dry Aged
Steak For Two
Steak for Three
Steak for Four
Single Steak
Rib Steak
Lamb Chops, 2 Double Thick Loin Chops
Grilled Atlantic Salmon
Filet of Sole
Family Selected. Dry Aged
Sliced Tomato served with Luger's Sauce (for 2)
Sliced Tomato & Onions with Luger’s Sauce (for 2)
Luger’s Sizzling Bacon, Extra Thick, By the Slice
Caesar Salad, Grated Pecorino Romano
Iceberg Wedge Salad, Chopped Tomato, Bacon, Crumbled Blue Cheese
Mixed Green Salad
With Choice of Homemade Dressing
Garlic French
Blue Cheese
Extra Crumbled Blue Cheese
Chopped Bacon
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (4)
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Extra Large Portion (6)
Lamb, Double Thick Chop Split


Enjoy Value of Your Money

Each time you are out eating or spending money you always want to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Peter Luger prices are just priced right for that. Their customers eat and drink to their satisfaction.

With two well-established restaurants in landmark locations and various shops to go with their meat, such as the infamous steak sauce and butcher shop there is no doubt that it will still reign as one of the best steakhouses in the region. Peter Luger Steakhouse is still blossoming and continues to cater their delicious mouth-watering cuisines such as the renowned roast prime ribs of beef USFA prime, lamb chops, and satisfying desserts. Whether it’s on the luncheon specials that are served or the exquisite USDA prime steaks, it will taste the same and have the same quality making the cost worthwhile.

Gift Card Certificates

If you plan to treat family or anyone for a meal at Peter Luger’s, carry cash or a checkbook because the steakhouse does not accept any credit card.  The $100 Luger Gift Certificate can also be an alternative.  It offers several benefits to the recipient.  The menu at Peter Luger’s is healthy and delicious making the gift card something many will be more than happy to receive.  The sumptuous selections of delicacies will make an excellent present gift for every appetite because there is no such thing as not having the need to eat. We all have to eat and a restaurant gift card is a very personal gift as we all have unique taste buds and food preferences. Gift recipients can use the card at their own time of convenience and are ideal for any occasion.

Nutrition Guide

Dining out at a reputed steakhouse such as Peter Lugers can a still be relatively healthy.  The calorie levels in the portions are not high.  You can also opt for a large serving of vegetables.  Some of the top rated dishes we serve include Luger’s Sizzling Canadian Bacon, Steak and Thick sliced Bacon. 

Location and Growth

Peter Luger Steak houses are found in two prime locations.  You can visit the Brooklyn Peter Luger Steak House or get the same great treatment and the Great Neck Peter Luger Steak House.  Peter Luger prices will leave your palates craving for more!

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