How Much Does Pilot License Cost

The cost of pilots license has always been one of the many considerations that a pilot in training has to think of. Before you can get your Pilot Certification, you would need to undergo training and take exams to test if you have met the necessary knowledge and required experience in order for you to fly an aircraft.

Getting a license takes time and effort as you would need to endure rigorous flying test issued by your local Civil Aviation Authority. Once you have your license, you will be given specific privileges to a country’s airspace. There are six types of pilot certification that you may choose from and they are sports pilot, recreational, private, commercial, flight instructor and airline transport pilot. Each category will have its own set of training and exams and it is important to know how much you would need to save before you start your preparation.

Average Cost of Pilot Training

PilotIf you are interested in flying and becoming a pilot, you would need to carry out training to become one.

There are several flight schools both private and public that offer this type of classes. Once you have completed your training, you can then get your license.

There are different fees when you go and join a flying school. When you are in training, you need to pay for your Instructor which will roughly be around $15 to $40 an hour. During your practice flight, you would be accompanied by a license trainer in which they will be maneuvering the aircraft and you would have to repeat the procedure. If you need a flying time of 60 hours, you will be assisted by your instructor during your first 15 to 20 hours and the rest of the hours will be your solo flight. If so, you would only need to pay your instructor about $300 to $800 for the duration of the training.

Aside from paying the instructor, you would still have to pay for the usage of the aircraft including fuel, maintenance, insurance and other items. This time, you would have to pay the flying cost of around $2 to $2.75 per minute. The average flying time needed to complete a course is usually 60 hours so that would have to mean that the aircraft rent would cost about $7200 to $10,000.

There are other payments that you have to make while on training. One of them is the cost of books and learning materials which would be from $200 up to $500 if you are enrolled at a private flying school. You would also need to purchase your own flight headset which is valued at $200 to $300 while other schools will let you pay an additional $100 as an insurance cost. These payments are different from the pilot license price.

How Much Do You Need For a Pilot License

The next step that you have to do if you are done with your flight training is to take a Pilot Certificate. The cost of pilots license will depend on which type of certification you would like to take.  In getting certified you need to pass two test and those are the flying test and the written test.

A written test will approximately cost you from $200 to $400. For the flying test, below are the approximate rate depending on the type of license you are taking:

  • Private Pilot License – from $6500 to $8000
  • Sports Pilot License – from $3000 to $4400
  • Recreational Pilot License – from $6000 to $7700
  • Flight Instructor – from $8000 to $12000
  • Commercial Pilot License – from $12000 to $17000

The written exams would contain 60 multiple-choice questions. You can take the exam at a FAA Testing Center and you need to get a 70% passing mark. After the written exam, you would need to take a flight ride together with an FAA-certified examiner wherein the examiner will ask you a series of question to check on your ability to fly.

Ways to Save on Pilot Training

The cost of getting private pilots license will cause you lots of money and it is best that you find ways to lessen the burden of expenses. If this is indeed your dream, then you need to take it seriously and start early as possible. The mandatory age for pilot training is 18 years old. You need to be physically healthy and proficient in English or a foreign language.

After settling the basic requirements, you need to focus on how you can save while you go on training to become a pilot. The first thing you must do is study while on the ground. The reason why you are given books and manuals is because you need to study them before your actual flight practice.

It is important that you put into mind that you are paying your instructor per hour and you are paying the aircraftWomen pilot licensed per minute, once the engine is turned on the counting of minutes will start. So it is critical that you study beforehand so that you won’t waste your time flying and not knowing the basic buttons and procedure in flying.

If you already have money saved but it is not enough for a private pilot certificate or a commercial pilot certificate then choose to apply for a sports pilot license. In this way, you can minimize the cost of getting private pilots license by flying a friend so that you can extend your flying time. The more flying time you have the better you become as a pilot.

It is also best if you can invest in a flight simulator game. It is the same as having a flight lesson but at a cheaper price. This way you can practice flying using a simulator no matter where you are. Lastly, research the names of the flight instructor in your area. You should remember that you will be spending money and time with them and the knowledge that they will share with you is critical to your future as a professional pilot. Pilot license price may be expensive but it is worth the price.

Being a pilot entails a lot of responsibility especially if you are flying a commercial plane thus it is very important that you study well and learn all the tricks and equip yourself while you are still in training and continue to harness your skills as you carry on with your found career.

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