How Much Does A Polaroid Camera Cost

If there’s any company that could be at par with the innovation like Apple does, it is the Polaroid Company with their geeky, sleeky cameras that has evolved over time. It all began with Edwin Land, who left Harvard University to pursue his research on light polarization. He was a freshman then, but two years later he was able to get a patent for a product so awesome, it was the beginning of instant picture development back in 1934. Today, many folks nowadays would research on the price of Polaroid camera.

Even camera experts are being asked regarding their knowledge about the Polaroid camera cost, which this article will tackle including the places where you could be able to find and buy one. Lately, there’s been a lot of confusion Polaroid camera cost amongst would be camera and photography enthusiast as they’re getting mixed answers for the prices they are asking regarding Polaroid cameras. There are stores that sells the same product for a price of hundreds of dollars while there are sellers who would take a penny for such a camera. So, in order to get a good fair deal, let’s discuss some factors that could help you understand why the camera is priced such and how much should it really cost.

What Type of Polaroid Camera You Are Looking For?

Majority of Polaroid cameras available in the market Polaroid 600, SX-70 and Spectra have almost the same value with each other. This is if you are just looking into the regular point and click ones that has special features. However there are new ones out in the market right now. The most expensive Polaroid camera was the folding SLR models.

SLR cameras especially those can take sharp photos with useful features for great picture taking have always been considered as the most expensive. Edwin Land was able to perfect such a camera model that paying hundreds of dollars for one is worth your purchase.  Land’s first ever folding SLR features a real leather and metal parts. Today, even those cameras made with plastic was able to retain the high quality Polaroid is known for.

This 2016 there are newer models posted on the Polaroid official website of the especially with the evolvement of the bigger camera turned to a smaller one that also records videos as much as it takes photos, the Polaroid cube. However, going back to just talking about the camera 1,000 dollars itself, you should expect to be charged for over $100 dollars for a cheaper Polaroid and more than $1,000 dollars for the best Polaroid models. You can blame the collectors and real photographers for such a high priced camera.

Brand Matters

If you are familiar with the Impossible Project, you will realize that all the Polaroid camera cost listed on that website are the most expensive ones that the sellers could ever sell you for. If you look further, you will notice that all those polaroid camera photography technologyoriginal instant cameras back in the day have been reinvented and made vintage by the smart guys who though that the business idea was the bomb. It looks like their website does not disappoint as their website design does a very good job of marketing vintage Polaroid cameras, you would simply dream of owning one in your possession right now.

The great thing they did with their re-invention is that they combined the old with the new. Just like this I-1 camera, that was provided an app so you can be able to take you photography into the next level, by uploading it into your website.  All additional features are very useful, it’s amazing!

However, people who do not have such budget for an expensive Polaroid camera could settle for the ones that can be found online, on e-bay. They got cheaper ones that you can check out and have it shipped to your home. You know what they say a brand is a brand, and when a collector or real photographer hears the word Polaroid, they know its quality. The only downside for purchasing a camera online is that, you will never be able to test the item you are buying and when it gets to your doorstep, it will be too late to find out if it works perfectly well.   

Value Awareness

Polaroid is Polaroid, doesn’t matter if it’s an old model or new. The maker itself worked years for the company they so gave importance it’s still alive today. There was a time when there was a decline in the prices of these cameras that they’ve been offering to the public. It was during 2008, when no film cameras were being the in thing. It was the time that sellers are trying to get rid of all the cameras they had in their possession to give way for the modern cameras trending in the market.

However, as the people realized the value of Polaroid, the same old camera models being sold cheap then, are morebuy a polaroid camera expensive today than they were during the time there were being sold off. Those who believes that Polaroid camera is long gone will sell you the camera for a cheaper price than somebody who is familiar with the Impossible Project. So, if you are aware of the value, you know when a good deal is right in front of you, whether you found a gem at a flea market or at a garage sale.

What We Recommend?

If the Polaroid brand is really what you are after in a camera. Before jumping just to buy one, it would be best that you do your homework first by checking for the price of Polaroid camera. Educated decision is always best even if you have to start by looking online first before going out in camera shops in search for a quality Polaroid. If you are not yet sure what kind of specific camera you are looking for, you can always refer to the Polaroid official site, that way you can make up your mind and plan on your budget.

Happy camera hunting!

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