How Much Does Power Window Repair Cost

By just flipping the switch, having a power window is definitely convenient. They go up and down which makes it convenient for drivers while they are driving their cars. But on the other hand, a faulty power window can also cause inconvenience. If it is dysfunctional, it is important to know the root cause of the problem. The power window works using one motor and it is connected to a regulator which works as a mechanical device that is moving the window up or down. Completely replacing the power window can be really expensive. To reduce the cost, you can have it replaced. How much does it cost to fix power window? The power window repair cost would depend on different factors.

Why Is Power Window Repair Service Important?

Power window repair costIn modern vehicles, power windows enable you to roll up and down the windows. All you have to do is to press the buttons. The power window motor is responsible for the rolling up and down of the window. If there are malfunctions, you will not be able to use the power window the way you used to. Forcing it if it is not working can only result to more damages, so make sure that you take it to a professional who knows exactly how to diagnose the problem and resolve it. You can always do the repair on your own. But it can be quite laborious and you also need to follow the steps and instructions carefully to prevent any future problem.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Power Window?

The car window off track repair rate or power window repair cost  varies based on various factors. Before the actual repair is done, the expert has to diagnose the problem. The professional will open up the panel to assess the problem to clean the dirt or any debris. There are instances where you can avoid power window repair cost since there are cases where the problem can be solved by cleaning the debris or dirt. The diagnosis may cost about $50 or even more. The power window repair cost would depend on the local rates. Other factors that can affect the costing would depend as to whether you have it done by a dealership or a repair shop. When you have a repair at San Jose Auto Repair located in California, the cost of diagnosing the problem ranges from $50 to $100. If you want to completely replace the window regulator, you can expect a much higher cost ranging from $50 to $550. How much does it cost to fix power window if you will totally replace it? The cost is about $40 to $300. There are instances where both the regulator and the motor need to be replaced. In which case, you can expect a cost ranging from $50 to $850.

Diagnosing the Problem

Before there is a need to repair or replace of the components of the power window, the initial step is to diagnose the problem. You can test the switches to see if the controls are working. Listen at the door panel. In case the window is stuck or fails to move and there is no sound, there could be a problem either with the fuse or the motor. To see if there is a problem with the motor, you should see if it is audible. If it is the other way around, make sure that you check the manual and find the fuse. If the fuse is not broken, the problem could be the motor. Using a voltmeter, you can check if it is running on 12volts.

Accessing the Power Window Motor

When it comes accessing the motor, it can be a tedious process. That explains why it is better to let a professional do the job. On the other hand, you always have the option to do it on your own especially if you want to reduce costs. The only downside is that it can be quite laborious. For one, you need to remove the door panel as well as the other panels connected to the door panel. Detach the door access panel first. You can use a removal tool to make the process much easier.When you have finally removed it, you should also remove the control switch that covers the window controls. After that, you can remove the wiring. You should only do this is the control switch panel is removal. Otherwise, you can just remove the wirings. Put the control switch panel on the side. After the removal of the panels, search for the screws or mounting bolds. Pull these out to remove the connector of the electrical wiring.

Then, you will see plastic insulator, a regulator and  a motor. The purpose of the plastic insulator is to protect the components from water.

Replacing the Motor

When buying a motor, you can also purchase a regulator. But if you want to save money, you can purchase them separately. Clamp the regulator and drill about ¼ in. hole in the middle part that holds the chassis. Place a bolt and a nut in that hole. Make sure that the regulator is secured and search the rivets. Remove them and you can now attach the new motor. Prior to doing so, lubricate it first to avoid any problem. Using the rivets, attach the motor.

Buying Locally

You have the option to purchase a power window if there is really a need for complete replacement. Using online resources, you can search for a seller using your zip code. Make sure that you choose a seller that can give you the power window motor that is compatible with your car. Know the specific year, car make, model and brand of your car. Look at the reviews and feedback so you have an idea where to buy.

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