How Much Does Prenatal Pills Cost

It’s easy to ignore your health especially when you are enjoying life. You do not watch what you eat. You drink. You smoke. Everybody happy.

It becomes a different story when you get pregnant because it is no longer you alone that you need to look after, but the life inside your womb as well.

You need to watch what you eat. Quit your vices. Take care of yourself as you need your optimum health during your 9-month pregnancy.

But sometimes, eating a healthy and balanced diet is not enough because you share the nutrients with your unborn child. So even if you think you have been a good girl, following all the health and nutrition guidelines there is in the books, you still lack in some vitamins and minerals. That’s where your doctor comes in the picture.

How much are prenatal pills? We’ll find the answer.

Average Cost of Prenatal Vitamins

Average Cost of Prenatal Vitamins

Typical cost for prenatal vitamins ranges between $0.03 to $0.65 per pill depending on the type of vitamin contents and the brand. As a result you will likely be spending around $0.90 to $19.50 per month on each kind of pill you take. That is, on the assumption that you are required to take one pill per day of each kind you are prescribed.

There are actually three best-known prenatal vitamins that doctors will most likely recommend. These are the following:

  • Folic Acid/B Vitamins – this type of vitamin is known for its benefits to protect the unborn child from the risk of deformities in brain and spine, as well as problems in fetal brain development.

The cost of folic acid is $27.56 to $33.05 per 100 pcs. bottle or around $.28 to $0.35 per capsule.

  • Iron – as we all know, iron aids in carrying oxygen in the blood and insufficiency of this can lead to anemia and is also linked to low birth weight and premature birth in babies.

The cost of Iron prenatal supplement that also comes with folic acid is $20.60 to $22.97 or around $0.21 to $0.23 per piece according to

  • Calcium – this mineral is crucial in the formation of the fetal bones. As the pregnancy progresses, since the body cannot produce its own, the mother’s body takes the calcium from her bones and teeth to be able to supplement the need of the baby.

Calcium supplement typically cost around $38.95 for 90 tablets or about $0.43 per piece

In addition to the three mentioned, your OB gynecologist may also be recommending the vitamin D and Iodine, although most of these are combined with other vitamins and nutrients in one bottle. So the price will be depending on what type or brand your doctor would recommend. You can find some of these at Amazon.

  • Vitamin D – vitamin D is necessary for you and your baby’s immune function, bone health, and healthy cell division. Although some research link elevated levels of vitamin D to certain food allergies, so keep everything at an ideal level.
  • Iodine – lack of iodine is the cause of thyroid problems and if the expectant mothers do not get enough iodine supplement, there is a greater risk of miscarriage and stillbirth, congenital hyperthyroidism, neurocognitive defects among others.

Factors Affecting Cost of Prenatal Vitamins

  • Brand – multivitamins, and supplements should be all the same in terms of dosages and contents when being prescribed by your doctor. The big factor affecting the prenatal vitamins price is the brand as some pharmaceutical companies tend to price higher than others due to popularity brought about by rigid marketing, higher cost of production, etc.
  • Source – how much are prenatal pills can depend on where you purchase them as pharmacies have varying added markups and others due to discounts being offered.
  • OB-gynecologist – your doctor throughout the duration of your pregnancy will take care and monitor your nutrients and vitamins requirements and will most likely recommend various kinds under generic names, but will also most likely be endorsing certain brands.
  • Discount and coupons – some pharmaceutical companies offer certain promotional campaigns in the forms discount cards, printable coupons, rebates, and even rebates.
  • Health insurance – depending on your policy, some health insurance cover prenatal vitamins and other medications. Be sure to inquire with your health provider. And if you have a limited coverage, always opt for generic types.
  • In-Network – your insurance coverage will also depend whether the hospital and your OB are “in-network” with your health insurance companies. That way, your prenatal vitamins, and supplements will also be covered to some extent.

Where to Buy Prenatal Vitamins

Factors Affecting Cost of Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal care is available in various pharmacies, drug stores, and retails stores nationwide. Prenatal vitamins price in these sources varies so choose the ones that are cheaper and are providing or offering ways to save.

Prenatal vitamins are the key element that fills the gap between what you eat and what you and your unborn child actually need, which usually are unsatisfied by your diet alone. So be sure to follow your doctor’s order.

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