How Much Does Prescription Colored Contacts Cost

Are you in the mood for a change? You can consider colored contact lenses. Up to date contact lens technology has turned it practically cheap to alter your eyes color momentarily, yet safe for your long term vision as well.

These colored contact lenses provide your expression a cool transformation.  Changing your eye color, either you try subtle or spectacular is as simple as placing a pair of contact lens.

However, if you require a vision correction, there are prescriptions colored contacts obtainable for single, multifocal vision, astigmatism, etc.

Also, even you don’t wear eyeglasses and only desire to lift the color of your eyes; you can have those colored contacts. Just remember to ask prescription from an optometrist. So, how much do prescription colored contacts price?

The Average Cost of Colored Contact Lens

Prescription Colored Contacts Cost

The colored contacts cost relies on several factors, consisting of your doctor’s recommendation, the type of contacts you choose, how frequent you replace it, and where you purchase them.

Other components that could influence your colored contact costs are the producer rebates, and discounts for buying a year’s supply promptly. The prices of lenses often change because of those factors. Thus, it was difficult to point out accurately the cost of every item.

However, according to Acuvue, the average colored contacts cost can range from $175 to $1,400 a year. However, it depends on what your doctor prescribes you and if you have insurance plan. There is also an eye examination required that may range from $51 to $100.

If you have nearsightedness and your doctor prescribed you a well-known brand name of disposable contact lenses, these could cost around $84 per box with six lenses. If you replace it in every two weeks roughly, you will require around 60 contact lenses or 10 boxes every year. Therefore, the yearly contact lens cost is approximate $840.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost

Colored contact lenses are more high-priced than the standard contact lenses, and this is because of several reasons. One cause is the expenses in research and development entailed in manufacturing the colored lenses.

Producers have to settle on the trendiest shades and then acquire techniques to put in tints to the contact lenses to appear natural in your eyes.

So, check the following factors below that could augment the prescription colored contacts price:

  • Astigmatism:

A colored contact lens that rectifies astigmatism needs a more refined lens that intended to align the astigmatic correction appropriately and prevent the lens from turning on your eye.

So, it is not surprising that the prescription colored contacts price that correct astigmatism could value almost twice the cost of the lenses that just rectify nearsightedness, just for aesthetic purposes, or do not have a function at all.

  • Special-effect lenses:

Special-effect lenses are also named as theatrical lenses, mysterious lenses, and costume contact lenses. This type is prevalent in costume and Halloween parties, which is sold individually in a glass vial. It usually cost around $50 to $200 per lens.

  • Custom Colored contacts:

Custom colored contacts are painted by hand and independently manufactured, for instance, the prosthetic contact lenses. This lens is intended to cover a distorted or scarred eye. And expect to pay quite a few of hundred dollars per lens for this type.

Additional Cost

Keep in mind the cost of contact lens solutions. It utilized to sanitize and cleanse your lenses after use, especially in a daily basis. This contact lens care solutions could cost you approximate $150 to $200.

You could estimate your overall annual cost by adding the yearly total colored contact costs and the cost of lens solutions.

Types of Colored Contact Lenses

Enhancement Tints

  •        Excellent for augmenting your natural eye shade to deepen the hue
  •        Commonly performs best on bright colored eyes
  •        Not intended to conceal your natural eye color entirely
  •        Will not make your brown eyes blue

Color Tints

  •        Perfect for shifting to a dramatic color, like green, blue, hazel, gray, violet, and amethyst
  •        Provides opaque selection which does not permit light to go through the lenses
  •         extremely pigmented tints
  •        function very well on every eye color
  •        even if you have dark eyes it conceal your natural eye shade entirely

Disposable Lenses

  •        Most widespread kind of contact lens, because of its handiness and health advantages
  •        Obtainable in daily, one week,  two weeks, and one-month disposable modality
  •        Comprehensive assessment by an eye care pro can assist you to agree on the finest wearing schedule and changing time for you

Theatrical Lenses

  •        its special-effects lenses carry the drama on Halloween or stage
  •        One-night wears only and will still require a prescription

Things to Consider

Prescription Colored Contacts Cost

  • If you are planning to get colored contact lenses, you can consistently obtain them from a certified eye doctor. One size lens or unprescribed colored contact lens could set off gruesome eyes injury. Only a licensed pro can guarantee that your lenses are accurately fixed for your eyes.
  • All colors of lenses are available too for correcting farsightedness or nearsightedness vision.
  • It is vital to set an appointment with an eye care pro for the health of your eyes, even if you obtain a perfect vision of 20/20.
  • When you purchased colored lenses online to enhance your appearance for the sake of fashion, you still require having a prescription.
  • When selecting a new color for your eyes, you can as well decide whether you favor day-by-day disposable lenses, monthly or long-standing lenses.


Color contact lenses carry on growing in popularity, and there is an ever-broadening range of shades and impact to select.  With the assistance of your eye care consultant, you can discover a colored contact that is comfy to wear and that suits best your individuality and wanted appearance.

In line with this, for the first-timer, the special and most essential matter to keep in mind before using colored contact lenses is to acquire them from a trustworthy trader that requires a prescription. And Ignoring this outlined could seize the fun out of wearing these colored lenses.

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