Princeton Club Membership Fees

When you hear the name Princeton Club the first thing that will come up to your mind is their wide variety of classes and numerous services. You would also be thinking of their very large facilities with open tennis and soccer court. Yes, Princeton Club has really made a name for themselves and the Princeton Club membership cost are competitive compared to other fitness facilities in the country.

Cost Of A Princeton Club Membership

Princeton Club’s main priority is to build a premier health and fitness facility that combines state-of-the-art equipment with their certified fitness staff and trainers at a convenient location and time. Because of this goal, the fitness center is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and as a member, you will have access to all the clubs available because they know how important time is to you. Thus the Princeton Club fees will include the various training and classes you would like to join at.

Below is the list of the estimated cost of Princeton Club membership cost in case you want to enroll at this club:


What is beautiful with the Princeton Club fees is that it is straight to the point. There are no hidden fees, no initiation fees and it does not even have a cancellation fee if you do decide to stop the service. This is really a great deal for gym enthusiast as you won’t have to think of having to pay an enrollment fee, unlike any other clubs. What you only pay is the monthly service that you will be using and nothing more.

If you do decide to enroll at their facilities the Princeton Club fees that you would have to pay monthly is $65.00. If you do decide to enroll with a partner then your monthly fee will be doubled at $130.00. You can also pay your membership dues yearly. If you enroll as a solo member then your membership fee for 1 year will be $779.00 while the yearly due for a pair will cost $1559.00.

The choice whether to your pay dues monthly or yearly will greatly depend on you as there is no clear difference between the both of them. If you have already save up enough money and you are quite sure that you will be able to use up the membership for a year then choose to pay the membership yearly. This way you won’t have to be thinking of your club dues every month.

But if do have plans of traveling or working in another location then it would be best that you will just pay the monthly payment scheme so that you won’t have to waste on the cost of the months due that you won’t be able to use.

Cost Of Other Services At Princeton Club

Aside from the Princeton Club membership cost for their vast array of facilities and classes they also have massage services that you can make use of. If you want to avail of their one massage session then you will be charged $55.00 if you are a member but you want to avail 2 messages in one month then your fee is $99.00. You will save around $10.00 dollars for two massage sessions.

There are also several single session rates that you can choose from depending on the time of the massage service that you want to enjoy. If you want a 30 minutes massage you would have to pay $49.00 and if you want a 1-hour massage your charge will be $74.00.

There is also a 90-minute massage ranging from $66.00 to $99.00 while a 120-minute massage will cost you $62.00 to $124.00. You can also avail of their multi-minute package such as the 5 hours package which cost $60.00/hour to $300.00.

There is also the 10 hours package which cost $58.00/hour to $580.00 and the 15 hours package worth $56.00/hour to $840.00. Lastly, they also have the 25 hours package which cost $50.00/hour to $1,250.00. This type of packages can be split into several session and you will even get a discount if you pay the package in full.

The massage techniques that they use at the Princeton Club are Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point, Hot/Cold Stone and Thai Massage. They also have Hydro-Massage beds that use pressurized heated water that will keep your sole muscle relax.

How To Save On Cost Of Princeton

Cost Of Princeton

If the Princeton Club fees is too much for your budget yet you are still not sure if you like the gym then the club also offers a one-week free trial membership which you can use in 12 months. The free 1-week trial will allow you to have access to all of the clubs facilities as well as other services that you can use.

You can also check online for numerous discounts and coupons that you can buy at a lower price. Groupon offers a Two-Month Membership & Spa Package at the Princeton Club for only $49.00 which is normally valued at $324.00. The package will include a two-month gym membership plus a two-month hydro-massage enrollment and a two months of unlimited tanning service.

Aside from coupons and free trial, there are still other ways that you can save on the cost of your gym membership. You can directly contact the gym representative and ask what the best offer that they can give you is. Most of the time they will have some payments waived out for you or they can cancel additional or hidden charges in their contract to give you a lower price.

If your schedule is flexible you can ask the gym staff if they can give you a discounted price if you go to the gym at an off-peak schedule. There are many gyms that offer a lower price if you go to the facility late at night or when there are lesser people working out at a certain time.

If you don’t mind joining a group class then do so. This will save you on cost with regards to the trainer fee and you will get to meet new people who have the same vibe as you.

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