How Much Does Quinceanera Cost

Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me, is that girl the most beautiful of them all? No one can ever defeat the beauty and elegancy of the girl on her Quinceanera. Quinceanera is a celebration for a girl who has breakthrough her childhood and enters early womanhood. This celebration is originally cherished by Hispanics and became ethnically celebrated in modern days.

This celebration is dreamed by all other 15 year old girls. It’s like being Cinderella desiring to be in the palace, like Snow White waiting for the true love’s kiss, like Belle on her sparkling yellow dress with cotton-candy tulles and star-like sequins. This is truly a very grand celebration for girls. It’s their fantasy slowly becoming reality. But all of these need a scratch in the pocket. There will be a lot of spending that’s going to happen for the quinceanera price.

The Quince’s Extravagance

The idea of Quinceanera does not really differ from wedding ceremonies. The only difference is that, wedding ceremonies close the door for suitors unlike Quinceanera that opens the door for ladyship allowing suitors to Quinceaneraenter that door. The quince will also wear her chosen elaborate Quinceanera dress and will have her spotlight throughout the day. Before discussing how much does a quinceanera dress cost, let us first consider factors that deeply affects the over-all cost.

The average cost of quinceanera will depend considerably to the number of guests, the venue, and the food. Most quinceanera invites 200 to 250 guests, but this will be highly based on the budget. As for the venue, it will vary accordingly to your preferred event center; its vastness, location, features, and other amenities. Venues typically cost $350 to $8000 and higher. For instance, Ravens Wood Event Center in Chicago charges $1500 to $2,500 for small spaces and may go higher than $3,500. Prices for venues will also vary to the day of the week and the season. 

For the food, it is financially practical to hire catering services that will not just serve you savoring meals, but will also manage the tables, the event, and the silverwares. Catering services usually charge depending on the meals to be served and the number of guests. The typical cost for each person is generally $3 to $4 each that will cost $750 to $1000 for 250 guests.

Unlike Cinderella who got her dress magically for free, you have to spend big time for the majestic dress you’ll wear. How much does quinceanera dress cost?

The price ideally depends on the complexity of design, the designer, the size, and the color. Most quinceanera dresses are $500 to $850, from dress to bolero. Frew’s Bridal offers elegantly designed fairytale-like dresses with fine tulles, in which the designs are array. You may find alterations necessary. This will cost you more depending on the alter complexity. Some charges flat rate while others charge for every fabric adjustments. Quinceanera Mall offers a menu of quinceanera package that may suit your budget.

Pretty Penny for the Pretty Quince

The chronicles of the average cost of quinceanera still continues as there are lot of additional expenses that must be set forward. Decorations, flowers, and invitations must be put into considerations.

The price for decors will vary according to the theme. Themes come in a menu of choices. You can have a fairytale kind of event, magical themed quinceanera, butterfly themed, western style quinceanera, or under the sea quinceanera. This will depend on your choice and your financial boundary. Decors and the flower arrangement usually come in duo. Some catering companies include the over-all decorating but some do not. While in some cases, the quinceanera party provider includes decors and flowers to the package. Decors and flowers generally cost up to $7000 depending on the elaboration.

Invitation is a must have complementary accessory of the event. The design and theme of the invitation is matched to the concept of quinceanera to get the over-all fabulous feel. Invitations are usually included to the package. Unless specified as exclusion, the price of invitation is $2 to $4 each, and that is $400 to $800 for 200 guests.

Some more diligent factors are needed to be intuitively considered to get the most precise quinceanera price. These other factors that greatly affects the price is the total make-over, ceremony fees, photography, attendants, and the party DJ.

You can hire a professional make-up artist that will put your lipstick and make-up on, done your hair, and polish those nails. Make-over packages generally cost up to $200.

Professional photographers will help you make your event literally unforgettable by their powerful lenses that take great snaps. Photos taken very well fit on your memoirs. Photographers usually charge flat rate while some are paid at an hourly basis. Event photographers charge $45 to $80 per hour. Party DJs that will spice up your event’s mood charge in an average cost of $150 per hour.

For the attendants, traditional quinceanera requires 14 damas and 15 chambelanes.  These attendants, damas and chambelanes will groove in the traditional quinceanera dance. Their outfits must also match the theme of the event. That will add up $1500 to $3000.

Teenage Dream

The most frequent question asked is how much does a quinceanera dress cost, as it is the highlight of the event; seeing a girl turn into young womanhood with her dazzling dress in frothy tulle. Many have got frustrated knowing the dress is initially costly.

The average cost of the quinceanera starts from $5,000 up to $20,000. This price bracket will still change depending on your number of guests, the venue, the foods and beverages served, and additional event features. Quinceanera favors must also be added to the budget plan. They typically cost $1 to $5 each according to the design and concept.

Steering the total quinceanera price can be stressing. The event no doubt offers once-in-a-lifetime princess moment, but it undeniably requires a lot of spending. The expenses for the quinceanera can be financially comprehended by the chosen padrinos and madrinas, which are the godparents or so called “sponsors.”

Every parent wants their princess to have that one special moment that their child thought to be the most important of all. Throwing a quinceanera can be very costly as it demands pretty penny. Make your child happy without compromising your financial statements.

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