How Much Do Regal Cinema Tickets Cost

We become attached to movies because we enjoy them. The movies we have seen and have stimulated us, even in childhood.

In this era, there are plenty of ways to watch films without scurrying to the nearest movie theater. And lots of them are even lawful. While we can forgive our friends for plopping and curling up on the couch to watch Netflix, there are some experiences that you can only get in watching movies at your local cinema.

And when people look for affordable movie tickets that come with the best movie going experience then the common answer to that is nothing but Regal cinemas. It is considered as one of the most popular theaters in the country which is why it is currently the largest cinema chain in America. Regal movie ticket prices are affordable without sacrificing quality and its rich history reflects this.

Regal Entertainment Group has chains located throughout the US. It came to attention that Regal Cinemas gained Regal cinema centerpopularity because of the large size of its theaters, high-end look, and premium cafes. Providing access to movies in 3D and IMAX along with top concession items, Regal has remained its name over the years.

Ticket costs in Regal Cinemas are reasonable compared to similar theaters. Though Regal cinema prices are a little higher than the current ticket price offered by other theater chains, it is because that they offer better quality viewing and accommodation. It’s something you should give a shot at – it’ll be worth the money.

Average Regal Cinemas Ticket Prices

Mainly, ticket cost in Regal Cinemas varies based on the time of day you wanted to see the movie. Standard Regal cinema prices for matinee movies during daytime start at $6.50 for children and $7.50 for adults. Seniors and member of the military can have their shows at &7.50 as well.

During regular or evening hours the rate for children and seniors went up to $9.00, student and military men are priced at $10, while adults are charged $12.00 per ticket. Movies in 3D or IMAX cost an additional $3.50 and $6.50 per ticket. If you have noticed, there are additional discounts offered on the ticket price if you are a student, military member and senior citizen with the notice of a valid ID. Student discounts are available on Mondays to Thursdays only.

Not only ticket cost varies at different times of the day, but the prices are from time to time reduced as part of the many promotions done, especially during summer, when inexpensive movies are being shown for children at least once a week.

Regal has community theaters for summer movie programs. While some offers older children’s movies for $1 all summer long, Regal show films that are one or two years old, but for a small amount, maybe for $1, you can afford to watch again some of your film favorites, and your children’s favorites, over again. Most summer programs are posted on theater websites or social media pages. Do some inquiries to see if you and your buddies have some summer plans that will include a few days at regal cinemas.

To save more money on buying tickets, Regal has a loyalty program offered called Regal Rewards where members receive a card and earn credits with every purchase. These credits can be redeemed for ticket costs in Regal Cinemas and concession items. So, if you’re a regular moviegoer at Regal cinemas, your points can add up so that you can watch that movie you’re blabbering about for weeks for free.

Food Expenses

Just like any other cinemas, Regal wouldn’t be complete without the irresistible smell of popcorn. Regal keeps customers lined up at their snack bar with their candy, popcorn, hot dogs, fries, and deluxe on-the-go snacks and food the customers love.

The Regal Cinemas concession prices have remained competitive and over the years and are consistent with the prevailing prices of other large movie theaters. Every theater offers the standard movie snacks including popcorn and sodas. Other locations, however, serve snacks such as corndogs and Jalapeño poppers.

Regal popcorn starts at $6.25 going to $8.25 for the different sizes. Candies are the less expensive treats one can buy at the cinemas. You can have them for $3.50 to $4 only.

Regal must have prided itself with snacks and the deluxe food they are offering. Nachos are available at $6.25, Gourmet Pretzel at $4.25, Zap Pack for $5.75, Smoothies for $4.75, Ice Cream at $4.25, Frozen Yogurt is sure $4.50, Cinnabon Bites around $5.00, a Go Picnic Meal for$5.75,  a Caramel and Zebra Popcorn for $5.00, Corn Dog Nugget at $5.00, a Hot Dog for $4.75 and Slider Dogs that’s $5.50.

Deluxe Food at Regal cinemas in the likes of Cheeseburger and Fries, Fried Chicken Sandwich and Fries Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Fries, Mozzarella Sticks, Jalapeño Poppers and Gourmet Breaded Onion Rings can be bought starting from $5 to $7.50.

Beverage of your choice, from bottled water to slushie, will cost $4.75 to $6.75.

Conclusion before the end of the show

Regal’s chain of movie theaters reached 588 of them across the states. So, it’ll be easy to check current ticket costs and Regal cinemas concession prices.

Why should you go see a movie in theaters? Though a film will always be marvelous, no matter where or what channel you use for viewing, nonetheless, theaters always intend for movies to be seen there, on that big screen where you don’t have the control to change the channel, where businesses cannot pause the movie for advertisements, where you can see up close on what is happening on the movie itself.

And it’s all about the sharing the experience. When you watch a movie at the theater, you’re sharing it with everyone around you. You might be annoyed when a parent brought her kid to the theaters, or a nosy guy making weird noises, still, there’s nothing quite like a room full of people sniggering, crying or panting at the same scenes all of you are in together.

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