How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Dance Floor

One of the most fun filled things in a party is a dance floor. The most common event where a dance floor is needed, is at a wedding, but other occasion also require having a dance floor and dance floor rental cost at the event. Because of this, companies that offer things for rent would include dance floor rentals in their product listing. According to the website All Occasion Rentals, they said that it has been observed that about 50% of the guests does not dance all at one time in a dance floor and a few of them don’t dance in a party at all, but just being on the side chatting up with other guests. So let’s say for a party of 200 guests, only about 100 people would normally dance on the floor, and each couple will only need a space that measure nine square feet. So if you plan to check on the portable floor rental cost, look for the cost of the one with an estimate panel size of 3’ x 3’, 3’ x 4’, or 4’ x 4’ per couple, whichever you prefer.

Besides the dance floor rental cost, the kind of floor material will also matter in renting a dance floor for a party. The most popular design for a dance floor to rent is an oak plank or weed parquet.   Other designs would be vinyl for an indoor use, they can be all white in color, or all black, and some are in a checkerboard pattern. If your event is being held outdoors you can always choose to rent a more durable polypropylene kind of dance floor to let you dance the night away.

The Price Of Renting A Dance Floor

Disco floorDifferent rental places have different prices for their dance floors, and the sizes of the floor being rented also matters. So this next section is dedicated to how much is it to rent a dance floor. had mentioned that their most common price range for 100 guest party dance floors is in between $215 to $325 dollars. That makes if $5 – $30 dollars for each individual section of the floor.

An expensive indoor dance floor is something called a wood parquet, it has a price of $215 to $250 for the same amount of guests. That makes the rent be anywhere around $5 to $16 dollars. Oak planks are more expensive, which could typically cost $28 to $30 dollars per section. As for the vinyl type, the price is from $19 to $27 dollars. In England, a 3×4 vinyl dance floor is for rent for a price of $30 dollars each. Outdoor dance floors need to be sturdy as it is more exposed to elements, the typical dance floor rental cost for this one is $300 dollars for a 100 guest party. A typical 4’ x 4’ of flooring cost $32 per section. Rental companies would sometimes require their clients that the dance floors be used under a tent when outdoors or be simply used indoors.

Portable rental dance floor prices comes with additional items that the party organizer would want but will need to pay extra for. These items could either be, the damage waiver that is charges at $250 dollars, or some rental offices would charge it for 10% percent of the total dance floor rental cost. This damage waiver is what the rental office would use in case the dance floor rented was damaged when it was returned. Another fee will be from the liability insurance that the renters will have to purchase just in case an injury happened and one of your guest will decide to sue. The price for it is around $185 dollars for a liability coverage that is around $1 million dollars.

Do It Yourself

If you do not agree with how much is it to rent a dance floor,’ you can also resort to a do-it-yourself dance floor which will be a more affordable alternative if you do. The only key for this is that you should never be discouraged at looking for materials and paints for a dance floor and carpentering them. One blogger mom was able to write about building her own dance floor to a price of $300 dollars because she was not able to find a rental company from her state that charges less than $700 dollars for a dance floor rental.  That’s $400 dollars in savings off of the portable dance floor rental prices.

Dance Floor Delivery

For the delivery of the dance floor rental, the pick-up and breakdown should be included in the overall cost of the dance floor rental. However, with some vendors, this is not the case. So when you rent a dance floor you try to make sure you are clear about this with your vendor. Ask them directly how much is it to rent a dance floor. Dance floor rateInclude in your inquiries about how their weekend rentals and procedure work, just in case you need your event to be held on a weekend. Also, the edgings for the dance floor should be included in portable dance floor rental prices and not be left out since this is the key to make the dance floor have a finished edge appearance.

In addition to the dance floor rental cost, you may also request for pole sections. The poles help secure, the floor to the outdoor tent post that will definitely help in preventing injuries. Some companies will require that if you rent their dance floor for an outside use, the floor will have to be under a tent. If you intend to rent the dance floor without the tent make sure you inform your vendor as to avoid conflict during on your use.

In conclusion, when looking for or selecting a dance floor to rent, the renter should keep in mind how many guest you estimate to dance on the floor. You also need to get the portable dance floor rental prices, by asking the quote for the entire whole area measurement, instead of it’s per section price. This way you can maximize your dance floor rental cost, since some companies, would give discount if their renters would get a lot more section than the last.

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