How Much Does it Cost to Rent Scaffolding

In construction, equipment and tools are used for heavy duty work, repair and maintenance. Among these is the scaffolding. Also known as a scaffold, it is a structure that supports the workers and the materials that will then be used for the construction work. Scaffolding is used for different purposes like art projects, exhibition stands, concert stages, grandstand seating, etc. For those who are having any of these projects, renting a scaffold might be needed. Just before you do, you need to know the average scaffolding price. In renting such structure, how much does it cost to rent scaffolding?

Different Types of Scaffolding

construction workers on ScaffoldingThe scaffolding rental cost would vary. One of the factors that would affect the cost is the type of scaffolding that you need. There are different types of scaffolding that is used. The usual types of scaffolding include the single scaffolding, double scaffolding, tubular scaffolding and cantilever scaffolding.

Single Scaffolding: This type of scaffolding is comprised of vertical layers made of timer or bamboo.

The ledgers that comprise of connected standards by a horizontal lawyer are tied. To have more stability, there are instances where braces are used.

Double Scaffolding: This kind of scaffolding is used for stone masonry as they are known to be much stronger compared to the single scaffolding. In double scaffolding, the putlogs unlike in single scaffolding are not fixed in the wall. There are ledgers that support the put logs. To avoid slipping, raking shores are used.

Tubular Scaffolding: The steel or the tubular scaffolding is almost the same to the single or double scaffolding. There are just main differences. Like for instance, the material used is steel tube. Instead of rope lashing, steel couples are utilized for fastening. The standards are on a base plate.

There are various advantages in using steel scaffolds. It is much faster to erect or dismantle this type of scaffolding. Compared to timber, it is much more durable since it uses steel and it has better fire resistance capacity. What is nice with the steel scaffolding is that is suits working at any height.

Cantilever Scaffolding: The other type of scaffolding widely used is the cantilever scaffolding which is also known as the needle scaffolding. This is used in certain cases.

For instance, when the construction is on the side of a highly busy location and when the construction is done at a very high location, there is a need to use needle scaffolding. In this type of scaffolding, the needle serves as the cantilever structure.

Scaffolding renting price for a building

Components of Scaffolding

Scaffolding has several components. For one, it has base jack that holds the scaffold. There are standards for connector joins. There is the ledger, transom, brace diagonal and batten. Coupler is used to fit components together. There is a scaffold tie to tie the structure to the structures.

Scaffolding Rental Cost

How much does it cost to rent scaffolding? The average scaffolding price greatly varies depending on the kind of temporary structure that you need. In renting one, the cost ranges from $15 to $50. For one week rental, you can expect the scaffolding rental cost ranging from $40 to $150. This cost will still depend on different factors like the type of scaffolding, size and the location. Companies renting scaffolding provide you with rates for daily or weekly use. There are also cases where there are separate charges for every frame section, guard rail and wheel.

How much does it cost rent scaffolding if you need more height? In case, you need more height, a workbench can be turned in a low scaffold. The cost ranges from $40 or more. This will depend on the capacity and size. If you want to use a folding ladder made of aluminum, the cost ranges from $300 to $800.

Using this ladder adds more support. What is the scaffolding rental cost for a 4 wheeled scaffolding structure, you can expect the cost to range from $80 to $300. There are also cases where you need accessories which add cost of about $200.

How much does it cost rent scaffolding if you need it for heavy duty? It can be much more expensive which can cost you as high as $2000. For instance, if you need a scaffolding that can hold up to 2000 pounds, the cost is about $1200.

There are also additional costs that you need to include. Sections of the scaffolding need to be transported in this case you will have to shoulder the scaffolding fee of about $50. It can go as high as $150 depending on the distance traveled and the size.

Are there discounts? You can reduce costs if you will build your own scaffolding for small projects. For instance, if you use build wood scaffolding, the materials would cost from $30 to $100. You may also opt to buy a used scaffolding, but you just have to make sure that it is durable and high quality. However, for major and huge projects, you cannot just create your own scaffolding. You need a stable structure that will cost you rental cost.

Searching for Scaffolding Rental Services

Where do you find a company that rents scaffolding, you can start your search with home improvement centers. There are also companies that offer heavy equipment rental services.

The American Rental Association provides information for centers offering rental services. There are also supply companies that may provide scaffolding rental services.

So, before you finally hire one, make sure that you compare your choices. Ask for price quotation. In that way, you can reduce costs. However, you also need to consider the quality, reliability and durability. In as much as you want to reduce costs, you also have to ensure the safety of workers too.

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  1. While I understand why cost is important, I think that safety and accessibility of the scaffolding is much more important. You want scaffolding that is in good repair and can help you with the job you’re doing adequately. Once you know you have those two things covered, then you can work on finding a good price.


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