How Much Does it Cost to Rent Scaffolding

For those who are having projects in the arts, exhibition stands, concert stages, grandstand seating, etc., renting a scaffold might be needed. Before you do, you need to know how much does it cost to rent scaffolding.

Scaffolding Rental Cost

The scaffolding rental price ranges from $15 to $50 per day on average. This greatly varies depending on several factors, which will be discussed below.

For one week’s rental, you can expect the cost to range from $40 to $150.  However, the total cost per project can be as high as $2,000.

construction workers on Scaffolding

The scaffolding rental cost for a 4 wheeled scaffolding structure ranges from $80 to $300.

Additional Costs

There are also additional costs that you need to include. Some of these are the following:

If you want to use a folding ladder made of aluminum, the cost ranges from $300 to $800. Using this ladder adds more support.

There are also cases where you need accessories, which add to the cost by about $200.

You also have to consider the transportation or mobilization costs, as renting the scaffolding is one thing, and getting it to your worksite is a different story altogether.

If you are renting from a company that is nearby, expect to spend around $50, but it could go up to $150 depending on the proximity.

Different Types of Scaffolding

There are different types of scaffolding that are being used depending on your specific project. Below are some examples:

  • Single Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is comprised of vertical layers made of timber or bamboo. The ledgers that comprise the connected standards by a horizontal layer are tied.

For more stability, there are instances where braces are used.

  • Double Scaffolding

This kind of scaffolding is used for stone masonry as it is known to be much stronger compared to single scaffolding. In double scaffolding, the putlogs are not fixed to the wall, unlike in single scaffolding.

There are ledgers that support the putlogs. To avoid slipping, raking shores are used.

  • Tubular Scaffolding

The steel or tubular scaffolding is almost the same as the single or double scaffolding. There are just a few differences, such as that the material used is steel tube.

Another one is that instead of rope lashing, steel couples are utilized for fastening. The standards are on a base plate.

There are various advantages to using steel scaffolds. It is much faster to erect or dismantle this type of scaffolding.

Compared to timber, it is much more durable since it uses steel and it has better fire resistance capacity. What is nice about steel scaffolding is that it can be used at any height.

  • Cantilever Scaffolding

The other type of scaffolding widely used is cantilever scaffolding, which is also known as needle scaffolding. This is used for very specific projects.

For instance, when the construction is on the side of a highly busy location or when the construction is done at a very high location. In this type of scaffolding, the needle serves as the cantilever structure.

Factors Affecting the Cost to Rent Scaffolding

The scaffolding rental fee would vary depending on several factors, such as the following:

  • Type of scaffolding

The type of scaffolding that you need would greatly affect the cost of renting. As discussed above, different types cater to your specific needs. Each scaffolding will have different structures and forms, and so will the cost.

  • Rental duration

Scaffolding rental companies provide you with rates for daily or weekly use. There are also cases where there are separate charges for every frame section, guard rail, and wheel.

  • Size

Appropriate sizes of scaffolding will be suitable for specific types of jobs. In case, you need more height, a workbench can be turned into a low scaffold. The cost ranges from $40 or more.

  • Capacity

The weight that you need to handle for a particular project can also dictate the cost. For instance, if you need a scaffolding that can hold up to 2000 pounds, the cost is about $1,200.

  • Location

Rental fees will vary depending on the location of the company you are renting the scaffolding from. Beside the actual location having specific rates based on the economic state of the place, you also have to consider the distance from your project site because of the delivery cost.

When to Rent Scaffolding

Don’t we all want to invest in our own tools and equipment as an investment and also for convenience’s sake? However, there are certain instances when it is more practical to just rent scaffolding. Here are several reasons why:

  • Short-term jobs

It would be impractical to purchase scaffolding if you only have one small project at hand. Obviously, you will not be able to recover the cost of your investment if there are no other prospective projects in the near future.

  • Lack of storage

For one, scaffolding eats up huge spaces because it is bulky. So you have to have some spacious places, like a warehouse or a huge garage, where you can store all of these metals and tubes.

  • Labor concerns

You have to take into consideration that it is very labor-intensive considering all the assembly and disassembly that needs to be done when doing projects involving scaffolding. If you are under budget constraints or if getting labor in your area would be an issue, you might just as well rent.

Components of Scaffolding

Scaffolding has several components. For one, it has a base jack that holds the scaffold. 

There are standards for connector joints. There is the ledger, transom, brace diagonal, and batten.

A coupler is used to fit components together. There is a scaffold tie to tie the structure to the structure.

How To Save on Scaffolding Rental?

You can reduce costs if you build your own scaffolding for small projects. For instance, if you use wood scaffolding, the materials would cost $30 to $100.

You may also opt to buy used scaffolding. However, you just have to make sure that it is durable and of high quality. For major and huge projects, you cannot just create your own scaffolding.

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  1. While I understand why cost is important, I think that safety and accessibility of the scaffolding is much more important. You want scaffolding that is in good repair and can help you with the job you’re doing adequately. Once you know you have those two things covered, then you can work on finding a good price.


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