How Much Does Restaurant Hood Cleaning Cost

Hood cleaning is one of the most important parts of maintaining a sanitized and safe commercial kitchen. Not to mention, sanitation is one of the requirements of a restaurant to keep its business running.

It is only usual that cleaning companies will understand and adapt to the cleaning needs of your establishment. They will work with you to satisfy your restaurant’s cleaning needs.

As the owner or the manager of a restaurant, it is only fundamental that you know very well that cleanliness is one of the keys to maintaining customers. They won’t ever come back to a place that serves food when its surrounding is dirty.

Hood cleaning in KitchenMaintenance of a high standard cleanliness is crucial as you’re putting your patrons at risk of having food-borne illnesses if found that your restaurant is not well sanitized. This can even lead to a health code violation or multiple health code violations that will result in the closure of your restaurant.

With all of this in mind, and wanting to get a cleaning service, how much does restaurant hood cleaning prices are?

Average Cost of Restaurant Hood Cleaning

As the owner of a restaurant, you can always opt out on professional cleaning services done by companies daily. It is up to you to pick or choose the cleaning tasks that you’d want to outsource and those that you wish to keep and be done by you.

Others restaurants handle these daily tasks themselves and will only bring in professionals if they needed deep cleaning, like removing those grease from their fryers and cleaning those soot from their grills.

Commercial restaurant cleaning service cost an average of $100 for two technicians to get the job done on your restaurant hood and other areas that you wanted to be cleaned. The highest restaurant hood cleaning prices available on average would be around $116 and the lowest at $90 involving a two-man crew.

Usual cleaning duties which are light to do like vacuuming and dusting will cost at $0.05 to $20 per square foot or around $20 to $50 per hour. These are typically the types of cleaning services that you can opt out of.

Kitchen cleaning will run around $50 to $150 per hour depending on the number of men working and the level of cleanliness that you require them to do. This type of cleaning service is good and primarily needed a few times every year.

Other cleaning services provided by cleaning companies are carpet cleaning that costs around $.05 to $.25 per square foot and stripping or waxing tiles, vinyl, or hardwood floors that will cost you around $.20 to $.30 per square foot.

Important Factors to Consider in your Restaurant Hood Cleaning Price

There are a lot of factors to consider in your hood cleaning service but here are some that can be a bit more important than the rest. It is also important to know that a licensed professional must do the hood cleaning instead of a local employee.

  • Location of the restaurant. As always, the closer you are to the city the higher your commercial restaurant cleaning service cost will be.

If the average cost is just around $100, then if a restaurant is located in the city like in New York, cleaning services may go up to $150. If your hood system takes 3 to 4 hours of cleaning then this can have a significant role on the cost of your cleaning service.

  • Do you own a restaurant that has multiple locations? Then finding one hood cleaning company to service all your restaurants on a scheduled basis can help you save more time and money.

Your service company may even give you a discount and it’s easier to have one service company doing all the service uniformly.

  • Your restaurant building’s height. Hood cleaning prices can go higher for multi-story buildings as the exhaust systems will typically require longer duct runs. If this is your case, then your contractor may base his price quote on the total linear footage of the area that needs cleaning.
  • What’s included in the commercial restaurant cleaning service cost? The company that you will hire should be able to clean all accessible ductwork, fans, and filters. They should also be responsible in collecting all the wastewater and dispose of it accordingly to avoid any clogging in your plumbing.

Make sure that you get all of the details of their service before they start working. It is highly likely that repairs and replacement parts will be added to the cost of a normal cleaning service. 

  • The size of your restaurant’s hood. Is your hood large, medium, or small? Since larger hoods will take longer to clean, it is possible that it will require you to hire additional crew members to do the job.

If your restaurant also has more than one exhaust system, then know that this will also add to the cost of your cleaning fees. 

  • Protective plastic sheeting. Your contractor must also be responsible in protecting your appliances and other kitchen surfaces with protective plastic sheeting. Be very sure or at least check that this is included in your price quote. 
  • Water. Most hood cleaning service companies will need to have access in your water supply. If you do not prefer your contractor to use your water then you should expect that there will be an additional fee to have water trucked in by the hood cleaning company.
  • Type of usage of the hood. Hoods may vary in usage and because of this the amount of grease buildup is a case to case basis. If you own a fast food restaurant then expect that grease buildup will be more and this may require you to have your hood cleaned more often.
  • Hood’s cleaning maintenance.  It will be cheaper for the restaurant hood cleaning prices if your hood is properly maintained. Hood systems that have been neglected for quite a while may cause you to pay higher just to get it back in its good working condition.
  • Contractual type of service. You can sign up a contract for one-time cleaning service with one provider and this may even help you lower your expenses. You may also be able to save money on the long run by hiring one cleaning service company only and is good if your restaurant has several locations.

The hood cleaning company will return to you on a regular basis if you sign up for a contractual job and they will ensure that all your hoods are well maintained.

  • Documentation. Your preferred cleaning company must be able to provide you with a detailed report of each of their cleaning visit. This report includes a time-stamped picture of your exhaust system before and after they clean it.

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