How Much Does Salt Water Pool Cost?

Are you planning to have a saltwater pool in your home? Read on to find out if it is the right choice for you. This article will demystify some of the initial impressions about this pool that might have been untrue after all. Also, you will learn how much does saltwater pool cost if you have already made up your mind and want to give it a go ASAP.

Average Cost of Saltwater Pool

All in all, the cost of the saltwater pool will range from $3,500 to $60,000 for a brand new set up and could even cost more depending on the location.

The cost of pool installation depends on the material, style, and size that you have selected. Apart from that, the extra machinery of the pool will also be considered, like filtration pumps and much more.

Another thing to consider is from what point do you start? Will you start from scratch, or do you already have a chlorine pool that you just plan to convert into a saltwater pool?

Naturally, you won’t have to spend much if you already have an existing pool, unless you want to add more features to it. A chlorine pool to saltwater pool conversion costs around $600 to $2,200.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Saltwater Pool

To explain what exactly drives the saltwater pool price to increase, below are the different factors:

1. Size of the Pool

Since every project needs materials with costs that are measured by size, the size of the saltwater pool you intend to install will definitely have a lot to say about the total expenses. The bigger the pool, the higher the labor cost from the installer.

2. Above vs. In-ground Pools

A kit to build an above-ground saltwater pool will cost anywhere from $1,900 to over $8,000. The installation cost ranges from $1,000 to $3,000.

Kits to build an above-ground pool can be found in any major hardware or retail store like Walmart and pool companies. Typically, they don’t last long as they are prone to wear and tear due to cheaper material compositions as compared to their sturdy and more permanent counterparts.

On the other hand, in-ground saltwater pools are generally the most common way to build a pool, especially on larger properties. They are understandably costly, but they last longer and, depending on the circumstances, they tend to increase the value of the property.

The in-ground saltwater pool cost can be somewhere around $10,000 to $50,000.

3. The Type of Materials

There are generally three types of swimming pools according to what materials they are made of.

  • Concrete Saltwater Pool

This material for building a pool is very durable and, therefore, is often used for in-grounds. The concrete in-ground saltwater pool price is around $45,000 to $100,000.

However, keep an eye on extra charges like an acid wash to get rid of algae or the re-plastering of concrete. It’ll cost around $200 to $300 a month, depending on the size of the pool.

  • Fiberglass Saltwater Pool

As a reinforced plastic resin material, it is perhaps the easiest to clean and the cheapest to maintain, at no more than $100. However, it can also be very expensive to install, at a whopping $45,000 to $75,000.

  • Vinyl Liner Saltwater Pool

Vinyl liner pools are quite a popular type of material to be used since they are also easy to clean and maintain. They are quite versatile as well, making them the go-to pool since they can be purchased in different shapes and forms.

The cheapest among the three, saltwater pools made from vinyl liners, cost $35,000 to $55,000 and would have to be maintained for around $100 more or less.

4. Hiring a Contractor or DIY

Pool installation is not recommended for DIY, according to experts, like any major home improvement, due to the complexities of pool construction. The only exception is if you are a skilled worker or a pool contractor yourself. This is to avoid any costly mistake and anything that may put you and your family’s safety at risk.

However, if you already have an existing pool and would only want to convert it to a saltwater pool, there are available conversion systems that come with detailed but very easy to follow instructions.

5. Location

As previously mentioned, the cost ranges from $3,500 to $60,000. However, the cost of living in some well-off states can definitely pose a much higher price quote. For example, a 40’ x 15’ concrete saltwater pool can cost roughly $70,000 in California.

Additional Costs

  • Pool Salt

The type of salt you use for your pool will affect not just the upfront cost of saltwater pool but also the maintenance cost in the long run. Depending on the brand and type, the cost of salt that is specially made for saltwater pools is around $10 to $40 per 40-pound bag.

Options would include solar salt, mine salt, and mechanically evaporated salt. The most important things to remember are that salt should be food grade, so it won’t be toxic if you swallow some water, it is granular and non-iodized, and it is specifically made for swimming pools.

An average pool requires 40 to 50 lbs. of salt per 2,000 gallons of water. Hence, a small pool with 8,000 gallons of water would need around $40 to $160 worth of salt upfront.

  • Salt Chlorine Generator

A salt chlorine generator is a great addition to your pool if you seek less harsh water for you and your family’s enjoyable swimming experience. However, do not be fooled by misleading advertisements that suggest it is a substitute for regular pool maintenance because it is not.

It can reduce how frequently you have to clean and monitor your pool water, but it definitely cannot take away pool maintenance completely. The most you can gain from it is a lower annual cleaning and maintenance cost and gentler water.

A salt-chlorine generator is available in most hardware stores. The average can range from $1,400 to $2,000.

The cost for smaller pools can be anywhere from $250 to $1,300. A mid-sized pool will cost around $800 to $1,500. Larger ones would cost $1,000 to $2,000.

If you want to hire a company or someone to set it up for your pool, the overall cost would be around $1,500 to $3,000. The salt generator may be replaced after four to seven years.

  • Pool Cleaning

Despite the saltwater pool being purported to be lower maintenance, it is still essential to have it cleaned from time to time. Hiring a pool cleaner would cost you around $100 per month.

  • Additional Features

If you want to make your pool the top of the line, special features can be added, such as spas and Jacuzzis, which will cost around $5,000 to $8,000, diving boards at $300 to $600, and fences to keep small children and animals away at around $20.

Why Would You Want A Saltwater Pool?

The many benefits of having a saltwater pool are as follows:

  • There will be “less” chemicals added (yes, you might still need to clean your saltwater pool like you would your chlorinated pool from time to time), so you will be assured of fun and safer swimming, and you won’t have to deal with the strong smell of chlorine.
  • Although saltwater pools are typically a little more expensive than chlorine pools, they require less maintenance than chlorine-filled pools since you only need to add salt a few times a year.
salty waer swimming pool
  • If you feel like going to the beach but can’t, save the hassle of traveling! It will make you feel like you are in the ocean, despite the concentration of salt being very low.
  • The salt chlorine generator used in the saltwater pool transforms the salt into chlorine gas using electrolysis. This, in turn, becomes the sanitizing agent in the pool instead of the direct addition of chlorine. The saltwater feels much silkier than a chlorine-based pool, and it is gentler on the eyes.

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