How Much Does Segway Cost

In an earlier contemporary era, the idea of automobiles run by electricity seemed conceivable only in the realm of science fiction. But on December 3, 2001, the brainchild of a New York-based American inventor named Dean Kamen was featured at the ABC News morning program called “Good Morning America.” Together with like-minded venture capitalists, Segway Inc. was established in New Hampshire.

The unique two-wheeled electric scooter became a phenomenal success that consumers and distributors worldwide agreed on naming the vehicle after its manufacturer. Not only does this vehicle run on electricity, (which many people in its earlier release already consider impressive by itself) it makes use of a sophisticated gyroscopic stabilization system that maintains the perfect balance of the rider standing on the axel platform.

The mobility of the Segway scooter is largely influenced by the rider’s forward leaning body weight. 15 years later, Segway Inc. released its new product that comprised the two main branches of vehicle prototypes (as well as future innovations of digitally-programmed electric-powered personal transports).

Segway PT

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One of the two types of Segway electric vehicles is the ‘personal transport,’ better known for its suffix as PT. These types of Segways are often identified as scooters. In terms of the average Segway cost, purchasing a single PT model item is anywhere between $6,000 and $13,000. The variation in terms of the exact costs is determined by the upgrade version of the PT model, device performance, as well as the supplementary parts that go with it.

Case in point: the Segway i2 SE is advertised at Segway Parts USA for $6,499 while a Segway i2 SE Commercial Cargo costs $7,568 at the same online directory. The latter is more expensive because it includes two baskets latched on both top sides of the wheels’ fenders. Also, the Segway X2 SE advertised at $6,999 and it is also fractionally more expensive than the i2 SE model because it is capable of traversing a more rugged terrain.

It is also important to take note that one can buy scooters at a much cheaper rate compared to the usual Segway price advertised at main retail outlets. Similar models advertised at a bargain price are often used types that are still in suitable working condition. For instance, Ebay sells Segway i2 worth $3,700 and Segway X2 worth $4,299.99.

Segway Hoverboard

Another main variety of Segway electric vehicle is the so-called ‘hoverboard.’ It owes its nickname to a kind of low-altitude ‘hovering’ skateboard reminiscent of numerous science fiction films. Commercially, it is better known as a ‘self-balancing two-wheeled board.’ Compared to the usual Segway price for scooters, the hoverboards are significantly cheaper.

According to the website called Segway Board Expert, the estimated regular retail price for a hoverboard is usually around $500 to $650. However, it is possible to purchase varieties sold at a much lower price. Discounts are prevalent in a number of online market directories. Case in point: Amazon advertises the Powerboard at a discounted price of $349, almost 65% rebate from the regular cost.

Special Accessories

Like in all types of vehicles, accessories serve as a functional auxiliary component of every Segway scooter. In essence, these items are a crucial part of the potential buyer’s overall Segway cost. The following auxiliary items include:

  • off board charger
  • handlebar bag
  • parking stand (i2 and x2)
  • accessory bar kit
  • i2/x2 tool-less release
  • info-key adapters
  • info-key protector kit
  • wristband kit
  • handlebar accessory mount base

In terms of all the crucial accessories an owner would collect, the total Segway price is roughly equivalent to $1,258.89. This estimated net price does not include the value added tax. Some of these accessories are operational or mountable on both SE and Gen 2 models. However, it is important to take note that other accessories are only exclusive on either version.

Spare Parts

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As of every complex machine, spare parts are an integral list of items noted in the wish-list of every DIY buyer. Enthusiastic consumers often get a better deal out of purchasing key components that make repairs possible. There are over 27 spare parts available in the inventory of It is important to take note that every item on the list is not exactly an essential component for working items.

Should one choose to buy every featured item on the online register, the accumulated cost would mount a total of $3,353.66. Take note: the total cost only accounts for one quantity of every listed item. The expenses could multiply the projected amount according to the number of duplicate purchases. Spare parts are fit for enthusiasts who aim to build his or her Segway garage.

Alternative Prototype Vehicles

Following the upsurge of Segway vehicles in the national and global market, a thirst for new ideas spurred innovators to create their own revolutionary personal transports. Apart from parallel-wheeled scooters and self-balancing two-wheeled boards, there are several prototype models that are due for mass distribution in the near foreseeable future. These are the following electric-powered vehicles recently advertised as limited edition merchandise:

Airwheel A3

This type of vehicle is, in many ways, similar with the conventional Segway scooter. But there are huge fundamental differences in terms of the mechanical concept. Unlike Segway PT, the two wheels of the Airwheel A3 are framed closely with each other.

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