How Much Does Side Mirror Replacement Cost

Have you ever driven on the highway alongside a car with a broken side mirror? We bet it is a common scenario. How about parking your car in a narrow garage and accidentally dragging the sides of the car on the wall and banging the side mirrors? This can be common too.

If your answer is yes, then you may have probably experienced replacing the mirrors yourself or had them replaced in an automotive repair shop. On the other hand, if you are reading this because you are currently on your first time experiencing this, then the question you might be asking now is, “How much does it cost to repair car mirror?”

On a good estimate, the side mirror parts only cost around $35 to $90. But if you do not have the luxury of the time to do this on your own and you are planning to have a professional do the replacement, then you should know that the side mirror replacement cost ranges from $140 to $330 (for parts and labor combined).

There are different factors to consider when choosing the side mirror installment parts for your vehicle. The mirrors differ in sizes and types too. Depending on the manufacturer, the quality of the mirrors varies and you will have to be meticulous in purchasing the right ones.

Side MirrorAlso, the type of vehicle matters when doing the procedure. Some cars require parts of the door to be pulled away or even replaced to install the mirrors. In this case, you have to have the necessary tools to be able to fix those door parts too.

The specific car model may affect the side mirror replacement cost drastically as well. In a nutshell, older models have cheaper parts than the luxury cars. This is taking into consideration the materials and color that make up the mirror. Some very pricey cars require a different kind of advanced technology which would mean more expensive replacement in case of accidents or wear and tear.

If you prefer to purchase the mirrors from the car dealer or manufacturer itself, you can probably get the mirrors for a cheaper price.

Asking for repair or replacement versus doing it yourself

Compared to other car parts replacement, working on the side mirrors may be one of the easiest you can perform on your own. Since they are located externally and will not require you to remove any other big or small parts, then it is expected that the procedure will not be that complex to do. As long as you have the necessary tools and the right steps to follow, then you will not be lost.

On the other hand, some car owners, aside from not having the time to DIY it, may not have the knowledge or skills to perform the replacement on their own. If you are one of these people, you will need to call your trusted mechanic. But if you do not know anyone, you can always search for mechanics from the many repair shops around your city.

If you want to be meticulous, you can look for accredited and certified mechanics from the search engine of Automotive Service Excellence. This way, you will be more at peace and less worried about someone fixing your car.

Where to go for repair or replacement

There are several automotive repair shops nationwide. You will no longer have to worry when you become stuck with broken mirrors on the road because these shops have lots of branches all over the US. 

Here are a few of the most trusted and leading auto stores that can cater to your replacement needs.

Your Mechanic offers their repair services with a 12-month warranty. For the parts and labor combined, they charge from around $140 to around $350. Their deals differ depending on the vehicle model, and the disparity can be huge.

For instance, for the Ford series, the Ford E-250 and E-350 Super Duty 2007 models will cost you a driver side mirror repair rate of $231. This will get you a 10% total of savings when you compare it to the car dealer’s price ($258.68). On the other hand, the Ford F-250 Super Duty 2001 model will cost you $241 which helps you save also 10% off of its original price ($268.28).

Meanwhile, Pep Boys is currently offering a number of promos and discounts for when the customer chooses to purchase online. They give a 30% discount for selected car parts and accessories. You only need to enter the corresponding promo code to avail of it.

Specifically, their driver side mirror repair rate starts at $150 and could go as high as $350. If you only need to purchase the parts, they are sold online for as low as $7.69 which will save you around $3 from its original price. For the repair labor and parts combined, they also offer a 6-month warranty.

Mr. Tire also offers a 12-month warranty for the parts and labor for a payment starting with $120 to $350. They also give out promos and discounts for online shopping. They can give up to a 50% difference from the rates offered by your car dealers, and they ensure a factory-manufactured quality.

Mr. Tire also boasts their experienced technicians who can perform on-call inspection and repair right at your home. If you don’t want the hassle of bringing your car to the shop, make the repairmen come to you.

Another alternative option that you can pick if you do not have the time to visit these repair stores is purchasing the parts alone from convenient stores such as Walmart. Although not all branches have them, you can still try out the nearest branch to you.     

There you have it—an entire list of things you can do to fix your broken mirror problem while staying on your budget. So if you are still asking how much does it cost to repair car mirror, then the answer would be all up to you.

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