How Much Does Stanford University Tuition Cost

They say that there is no better investment than investing in education, well it still is a tough debatable issue. You have seen guys with diplomas and degree tarmacking all over applying all sort of jobs but in vain, or, someone with a real good running business and all he has is a high school certificate. It is live, isn’t it? You always do not get what you feel like you rightly deserve or maybe at times you feel like you have been so lucky to be where you are. Talking about luck and education, have you asked yourself just how much does Stanford attendance cost? I mean it’s one of the best if it is not rightly so.

Key Tuition Fees Determining Factors

Close to all universities and schools have a certain fixed amount of money that is paid as school tuition fees? Though the price is constant, various reasons see out one paying lesser amounts than the other. Most schools which include Stanford University do offer these kinds of fee variations.

Financial Dependent: Your source of tuition fees should help in determining whether you can get financial aids or if you can pay your fees to the completion of your course.

Stanford universityMarital Status: may not sound like an issue yeah? But one could be 36, unmarried and unable to cater for her school fees. That should not be the barrier to the person from getting their much-needed diploma or degree.

Full time or part time: Your Stanford University tuition fees will as well be determined by your choice of time study. One goes to what is convenient for them.

Estimated Students Budget

An estimated amount of $67000 is what one will need for a full academic year at Stanford University. It could be less, but you can be sure that it will not be more. The following breakdown should elaborate how this figure is achieved.

  • Tuition: Tuition fees of $47331 is to be charged for a full-time total academic year covering across autumn, winter and spring quarters.
  • Room and Board: If you are to get your room and board in the school premises (which is much recommended and very convenient), budget costs of $14601 will be enough to sort your full academic year. The key point to note is that if you choose to live outside the school while you are on an aid program, the regular school-based room prices is what will be allocated to you. You can get a more expensive room and add money to pay it off or choose to stay on a cheaper one and save some money.
  • Books and Supplies: No school accounts for any student’s books and stationary materials, one has to purchase their books from Stanford University bookstore or source out from any other book and supply store elsewhere. Your cost to attend Stanford University will not be determined by your stationary material at all.
  • Personal Expenses: These expenses may not be one of the schools’ worries, however, once some accidents happen within the campus, and a student is injured during that time, it becomes the schools’ responsibility at first sight. Make sure the student gets medical care before anything else. In the case when something is to happen in the laboratories or the school dorms, the school management has to be entirely responsible. An amount of $2700 is enough for personal expense. Note that this sum caters for everything from the tuition fees like phone and post box services, clothing, dorm activities and much other more.
  • Health Service Fee: A fixed mandatory fee of $609 is to be paid and will cover up any small necessary services a student may need. Vendor health center is responsible for this. This fee is included in the prices as mandatory and evenly shared across the three seasons, autumn, winter and spring quarters. It’s fair that you know there are exceptions for students studying far from the main Stanford campus.

There could be other expenses needed like on travel and leisure activities; obviously, students are known to be reckless and partying people. This amount cannot be estimated. Some like playing soccer or any other sport which leads them moving places to places on school completions, others are on trips to do some photography, and all this add on to more costs.

For the newbies, first-year students and transfers will have to pay an extra $348 for new student orientation. Another $250 for document fees will as well be paid. These two payments are mandatory and fixed. At any point, the two will not alter or determine anything about your cost to attend Stanford University.

Health Insurance Fees

It’s a requirement for every student to have their health insurance active. Many of the students go for cardinal care health insurance which can be used to cover this need. This too is just another one of those side fees which do not affect or determine Stanford University tuition fees. Commonly, most undergraduates use their parents’ health insurance plans which they waive the coverage.

You can not underestimate the importance of insurance, or maybe because one has never seen it work magic on those who fall in problems that can only be sorted and solved by the insurance firm. Not even should one get their insurance covers while in school, you will always need to cover your properties as well as yourself against any risk with the insurance. The fact that this is mandatory to almost all top universities and other institutions should show just how important it is to have one.


With a lot of schools available for selections, one has to sit down, relax and choose that one school that gives you exactly what you want. With everything else close to a perfect school for you, Stanford University is a leading school. You ask yourself all questions with clear answers provided on their site. The most important issue though remains that how much does Stanford attendance cost. Once you compare them with any other leading universities across the region, you will find it so easy to choose Stanford.

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