How Much Does Storm Door Installation Cost

What are storm doors? Well, from the name itself, a storm door is a type of door that protects your home or establishment from storms such as strong winds, rain, hail, and much more. It is usually installed at the main entry of the building. A storm door should also be an important artistic component of your home since your door gives the first impression. There many types of storm doors and each has different costs. So before you can install one at your home, you should first know how much does it cost to install storm door?

Average Storm Door Installation Price

The biggest factor that could affect the storm door installation price is the size of the door itself. Most storm doors have a measurement of around 32 up to 36 inches wide and a height of 80 up to 81 inches. Another factor that can also affect the price is the type and style of your storm door.

Average Storm Door Installation Price

Since your door should be attractive, you will have to choose a style that fits with your home’s design, even if it cost you a lot. A high-end storm door can cost you around $400 or more while on the other hand, a low-end storm door can cost around $100. Keep in mind that it is only the price of the door, installation is not included.

Here is the list of the most common type of storm doors available, each has different storm door installation price. These doors can be purchased at some famous manufacturers such as Andersen, Pella, LARSON, CR Laurence, Croft, and EMCO.

  • Full View – is a type of storm door that has a panel made of smooth glass. You can see the interior entrance with this type. This can also be divided or not. The average price of a full view glass storm door usually runs around $275 up to $326.
  • Low-E Full View – is another type of all-glass panel storm door that is made using enhanced glass. This enhanced glass can provide higher insulation to your home.
  • Midview – this is a storm door that has a divided panel, usually covering most of the surface of the door. This type of storm door can also be upgraded with a pet door.
  • Beveled Glass – is another type of all-glass panel storm door that has a decorated edge along the glass’ circumference.
  • High View – This is a type of storm door that only has a single panel and a glass located at the top.

Here is some other type of storm doors:

  • Paned grid – costs around $250 up to $300.
  • Multi-vent panels – costs around $160 up to $180.
  • Tri-panel – costs around $175 up to $225.
  • Twin panel – costs around $175 up to $200.
  • Self-storing – costs around $125 up to $150.


Now that you know the prices of storm doors, the next thing you should know is the cost to install a storm door. This means that you will have to hire a professional to install it for you. You will pay for the labor. And normally, labor rate varies from one location to another. Hiring a professional to do the installation can take around 1 up to 3 hours, especially if the installation is not too complicated. This type of installation might cost you around $75 up to $125.

On the other hand, if the installation process is too complicated, even for a professional, it would take 12 hours up to 24 hours. This should include installation of the new storm door, door frame repair, extra woodwork, and any other extra work. The storm door installation price if it is too complicated can run around $200 up to $400 or more.

Estimate Inclusions

The given estimated cost to install storm door should include the following:

  • The delivery of local material and equipment from the manufacturer to your home.
  • Preparation of the work area for the installation of the storm door.
  • Protection of existing structures, materials, finishes, and parts.
  • Cleaning and removing of debris after the installation is completed.

Extra Cost

Just like any other home improvement or renovation, there will be an extra cost that will be spent during and after the installation. However, some of these additional expenses can be avoided. Here are some of the extra costs of storm door installation:

  • You can add a kick plate to your storm door for around $20 up to $50.
  • You can also upgrade the standard hardware of your storm door with a brass type. Usually, this upgrade can cost you around $20 up to $50.
  • You can also add a protection for your storm door, such as a security grill which costs around $150.
  • Adding a heavy-duty weather stripping can cost around $20 up to $35. However, to lessen the cost, you can do the installation by yourself and only spend around $10.
  • For additional protection, you can add a keyed locked set that costs around $20 up to $80 or a key deadbolt that costs around $20 up to $30.

Saving Money

How Much Does Storm Door Installation Cost

Some people might find the installation cost of a storm door a bit expensive. So the best way to save money is to the installation by yourself, especially if the installation process doesn’t require much work. Usually, cases like simple swapping of storm doors or purchasing a pre-hung storm door is the best option to do a DIY. The only cost you will have to make with a DIY project is the price of the storm door, hardware needed, tools (screwdrivers and drills), and other materials. Expect to spend around less than $100 for the materials alone. However, you must have at least knowledge on how to use these materials before you can do the installation by yourself.

DIY Network can provide you all the complete steps on how to properly install a storm door.

Overall Cost

The overall cost of installing a storm door depends greatly on the type of storm door, the complexity of the installation, and the labor rate. For low-end storm doors, expect to spend around $225 overall. On the other hand, expect to spend around $800 for high-end storm door with a complicated installation process.

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