How Much Does A Supercuts Haircut Cost

Supercuts as a company has created their own niche in the hairstyling industry. Fast, reliable, and services at very economic prices. They pride themselves at their salon’s accessibility- with over 2400 salons across North America and the consistency of the quality of their haircuts. Their no-fuss, no appointment policy adds to the pros that any client on-the-go might consider before availing of their service.

Their high-quality haircuts almost belie Supercuts’ prices. Their services are very affordable and yet the final outcome can almost compare to hundreds of dollars worth of haircuts in fancier salons. They have highly trained stylists that pay close attention to details and of course, they have their signature ‘Hot Towel Refresher’ to top their haircuts off. After every service- as the name suggests, it refreshes their clients and gives them that clean and energized feeling before leaving the salon.

Curious yet? How much does Supercuts haircut cost?

Prices at Supercuts may vary according to your location. But the services offered and its quality is pretty much uniform for all branches.

SuperCuts Haircuts Price

Haircuts are categorized according to the add-ons included. The most basic would be Supercut I, this will include a haircut  and their Hot Towel Refresher, this costs around $15.

Supercut II includes a haircut, Hot Towel Refresher, and shampoo service, this costs around $19.

Supercuts haircutSupercut III will get you a haircut, Hot Towel Refresher, a shampoo service, and a basic blow dry service. Get this for around $24

Supercut Junior is for kids 12 years and under. With this, your little one can get a kiddie haircut and a Hot Towel Refresher all for around $13.

Supercut also offers a discounted price for Seniors. Client 62 years and older get their haircut and Hot Towel Refresher for around $13 as well.

Additional Services are also offered. Just like their reliable haircuts, Supercuts prices for these are just as affordable even added on top of haircuts. Shampoo services are around $7. Blowdry for men costs $15. Blowdry for women costs around $18.

They also offer the Tea Tree Experience, a combo of shampoo and conditioning with a nice scalp massage, topped off with a warm steamed towel for the face to give you that totally invigorating finish.

Beard Trims are also taken care of at Supercuts, this for all sorts mustache and beards and even maybe a neckline snip. This service is not offered in all locations of Supercuts but if it is available in your, this costs around $7.

Styling for special occasions is also offered. May this be for curling, flat iron, special blowouts and more, Supercuts can help you look your best. Prices at Supercuts for these styling services may vary depending on your need, but these often start at around $21.


A great way of accenting anyone’s haircut is a great color, this is why Supercuts wants to give you an all-around service that can make you look your best through a variety of their hair coloring services. Supercuts prices for coloring would vary per salon. A session would include a consultation with their specialist that can assess the best color as well as the style and service that will fit your need.

Glazing can vary from semi- to demi-, and permanent coloring depending on your level of commitment. Supercuts colorists can guide you through options that can ultimately give you that richer and more dimensional look for your hair. This service starts at $40.

Tip Color brings attention to your hair by coloring just the tips, selectively placed by their colorists. This style can go from subtle to more eye-catching style and it can start at around $25

Highlights a refreshing way to add color to your hair. This service starts at around $35.

Gray Blending is a technique that can make those unsightly gray hair blend in naturally with your hair color. Prices at Supercuts for this service may vary depending on the style needed, whether it is partial or complete coverage.

Waxing Costs

Like any dependable salon, Supercuts offer waxing services that can help you be rid of those unsightly and unwanted facial hair, though this service might not be available in all locations, you can check with your stylists about these in particular:

Eyebrow Waxing- starts at $8

Upper lips Waxing- starts at $6

Chin Waxing- starts at $6

Now, knowing how much does Supercuts haircuts costs won’t be as easy as knowing how dependable this chain of salon is. Most salons being located inside malls helps a lot in its accessibility. A no-appointment- required policy is followed throughout their numerous branches. Past clients have been known to squeeze in their quick haircuts and trims during breaks at work. They walk in and they are greeted by a well-equipped and competent staff, this is one of the reasons that keep Supercut on everybody’s radar.

Before being practically a household name, Supercuts also had its humble beginnings. Starting off their business in the San Francisco Bay Area, founders Geoffrey M. Rappaport and Frank E. Emmet started the company in 1975. It grew into a well-known chain of around 1,160 salons until it was eventually bought by the largest hair salon chain in the world, Regis, in 1996 in a deal that cost $150 million. From then on Supercuts has been operated by Regis as a subsidiary and has been made even more accessible by opening up more branches in malls. There are now around 2400 Supercut branches- more than double the number before the buyout. Even the United Kingdom has franchises of this well-known salon.

Most return patrons love the flexibility of Supercuts’ services and the ease of just having a haircut done with no fuss.

Supercuts’ hair coloring services also get great reviews. Often compared to more expensive salons Supercuts retains their edge among the competition in the budget salon industry simply by paying close attention to the detail of their work. The company swears by their stylist consistent  high-quality service that are quite evident with their ever-growing clientele all across America and even beyond.

To find a Supercuts Salon near your area and check-in for your next hair appointment, visit their website at:

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