How Much Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost

If you are reading this guide you are about to end the lease for your rental flat or house prior to leaving the property asking yourself how much does end of tenancy cleaning really cost? How much to professionally clean a house?

Professional Tenancy Cleaning

Move out cleaning stands for a professional property treatment performed by high-end cleaning technicians in order to Tenancy cleaningprepare the property for new tenants. The service is offered by numerous London companies and both standards and quality might differ.

Cheap move out cleaning is often misleading, for paying a few pounds less might cost you the nerves, extra hassle and time lost. Not to mention the unpleasant deposit deductions, in case the rental property is not up to the standards, which should be outlined in the initial check in report.

Average Price For End of Tenancy Cleaning

To professionally clean a two bedroom apartment in London could cost a tenant anywhere from £125 to £250, while additional extras like a carpet clean or exterior window wash will increase the price. Tenants should double check the tenancy agreement for details. It should state if tenants are obligated to take care of carpets too.

Property type Excluding professional carpet cleaning Including professional carpet cleaning
Studio flat from £95 from £127
1 Bedroom from £129 from £169
2 Bedrooms from £151 from £211
3 Bedrooms from £191 from £265

Factors Affecting End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost

  • Size of the Rental

Most tenancy cleaners have their prices based on the size of the rental. Moreover, it is the number of bedrooms that matter the most. To professionally clean a 5 bedroom house can’t be compared to the average 2 bedroom flat. When reaching out to professionals, make sure you let the tenancy team know how big the property is. Quoting for the wrong size could often lead to problems down the road, especially if the property is bigger than your initial description. In order to figure how much to professionally clean a house, make sure you’re precise or your tenancy service provider might even refuse the booking.

  • Property Inventory Condition

Although end of tenancy service costs are not bound to a hourly rate, some tenancy teams might charge extra for cleaning a rental in terrible condition. Tenancy teams can consist of up to 6 technicians, but it It is still best to read terms and conditions or simply ask over the phone.

  • Additional extras

A professional lease end clean comes with additional extras like free oven cleaning and key pick up, but chores like washing the walls or window exterior are not part of the service. Mattresses, sofas and upholstery are vacuum cleaned, but not up to the professional standards for upholstery cleaning.

Factors To Consider

    1. Is it a professional cleaning company?
      Domestic or on-off services are not a 100% substitution to specialised tenancy cleaning. Regular cleaners do not have the know-how, detergents, nor gear for a comprehensive end of lease.
    2. Is it an established company and what are its reviews?
      Reputable companies will feature reviews on their website. End of tenancy cleaning reviews can help you set the line between low-end and professional cleaners.
    3. Do the tenancy cleaners have proper insurance?
      Insurance is mandatory. If in doubt, request to see a certificate for public liability.
    4. Does the cost for end of tenancy cleaning include VAT?
      Rough companies will often offer pricing that does include VAT. Some companies might even not be registered for VAT, so double check to make sure.
    5. Are expenses for gear and detergents included in the final price?
      While some companies will charge extra for detergents and basic materials, others will provide those as part of the service. Parking fees on the other side are almost always on top of the price for end of tenancy cleaning.

Talk to each company you research. Something as simple as a phone call could help you understand how the company handles its end of lease services. This way a tenant could easily identify any potential issues or problems that might occur down the road of ending a lease. Established tenancy cleaners always have reviews on independent websites like Trustpilot, Checkatrade, Yelp and etc.

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