How Much Do Thomasville Cabinets Cost

Today, it is practically impossible to think of a kitchen without its basic accouterments. Including among these are the kitchen cabinets. These room accessories do not only spruce up this part of the home interior, it also properly organizes storage of cutlery and other cooking instruments.

Curiously, however, the need for kitchen cabinets has not been fully realized until the 1900’s. From the medieval era to the late 1800’s, a standard kitchen only had shelves to store basic utensils. Throughout these bygone periods, stoves were deemed the centerpiece of the kitchen. Another important fact about the kitchen in olden times is that these interior sections are located as far away as the living room as possible. Simply put it, kitchens were messy, smelly and practically cluttered.

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Nowadays, modern households like in the United States have a steady market for this home furnishing. From 2011 to 2016, the Wood Kitchen Cabinet & Countertop Manufacturing Industry had the highest market size and revenue per firm in terms of millions during the latest year.

The presented data compares 2016 to the previous periods of the 5-year assessment. Upon further analysis, market forecast expects a steady accelerated growth from 2017 to 2022 in terms of billions worth of dollars. Essentially, more American households are expected to buy kitchen cabinets and countertops for the coming years.

When it comes to the choice of kitchen cabinets, one of the leading brands throughout the country is the prized Home Depot partner called Thomasville Cabinetry. This brand specializes in customized a wide variety of cabinetry designs. Thomasville cabinets cost around $100 to $200 per linear square foot. Considering the overall expenses based on the average American home stricture, possible accumulation of expenses that covers installation fee and cabinet modules could be between $5,000 and $15,000.

Categories & Features

The usual factors affecting Thomasville kitchen cabinets prices would often reflect from the buyer’s end. After all, consumers who opt for upgrades naturally accrue extra costs. Additions like plate racks, miniature wine cellars, overhead stove hoods and tablet holders are charged separately from the kitchen cabinet alone. The number of cabinet units, in proportion to the number of huge appliances (if one prefers to encase any/all of them in a cabinet), could also directly impact the cost. However, any buyer can have the liberty of choosing various options for basic categories that do not significantly alter the price range.

  • Brand: Thomasville Cabinetry has two branches of customization categories. Buyers can either choose the generic Thomasville trademark or opt for the Thomasville Studio 1904. The former presents designs that incorporate modern concepts (e.g. minimalism) into their original craftsmanship. The latter emphasizes the value of longstanding practicality, a perfect option for those who wish to renovate vintage kitchen cabinet door styles.
  • Materials & Profiles: There are over 7 different resources from which the Thomasville cabinets are hewn. These include alder, rustic alder, cherry, maple, hickory, oak, and thermafoil. The following materials may come in different profile (signature design) varieties within Thomasville’s inventory. Lastly, customers can have the liberty of choosing the preferred finishing shade available in any particular profile.
  • Overlay & Door Shape: A customer can choose either the full overlay or the partial overlay, depending on his or preferred aesthetics. In terms of the cabinet door shape carved all throughout the middle of the door frame, one can either choose square, slab, or arched.

Thomasville: Brief History

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Thomasville has been in business since 1906 and has proven itself as one of the pioneering manufacturers of the home furnishing industry in the United States. Curiously, this North Carolina-based company began with a single product. The impressive craftsmanship of the Thomasville chair has fueled the public demand for other types of home furniture.

Thomasville is currently a proud member of the MasterBrand Cabinets Family. In essence, their brand represents the largest cabinet manufacturer in North America being a key working entity of the Fortune Brands Home & Security (FBHS). Thomasville helps contribute to the accumulation of $3.33 billion revenue during 2012 fiscal year of FBHS.

The Reviews

The best ways of assessing whether or not the Thomas cabinets cost is worth it is to consider the assessment and testimony of buyers. What is most interesting about Thomasville is that, this company only both ends of the spectrum in terms of public opinion. Either they produce ‘great’ or ‘worse’ reviews. There seems to be no middle ground ‘satisfactory’ prevailing in the surveys.

Macroscopic Viewpoint

As far as the Thomasville kitchen cabinets prices are concerned, the PR News Wire’s April 14 (2016) article presents a highly favorable assessment on American buyers in general. This editorial derived its conclusion based on the data presented by JD Power 2016 Kitchen Cabinet Satisfactory Study.

The aforementioned research has a total of 2,074 respondent customers who purchased from Thomasville within the period 12 months. Within the 1,000 point scale, Thomasville garnered a total score of 821, surpassing the second-highest ranking cabinet brand manufacturer (undisclosed for confidentiality purposes) which only earned 805 points. For the second time since 2013, Thomasville was ranked No. 1 in the industry.

Microcosmic Viewpoint

There are a number of review websites that do not seem to justify Thomasville kitchen cabinets prices in strictly in terms of quality. Examples include testimonies from the community thread of websites like that garnered a total of 33/45 ‘Very Unsatisfied’ customers. Similarly, the site called Kitchen Cabinets Rated gave Thomasville an overall rating of 2 out 5 stars.

However, not every specific review stands in contrast to the general viewpoint of American buyers. In a reference website called Kitchen Cabinet Reviews, there are separate conclusions that represent how Thomasville is being rated. Out of 9 respondents from the site’s users, only three gave out generous star ratings – mostly praising Thomasville’s ‘custom options’. The website’s editor, however, rated Thomasville generously in almost all of seven categories. The highest rating was reserved for Thomasville warranty standards while the lowest grade that the site editor gave was for the Thomas cabinets cost.

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