How Much Does Tonsillectomy Cost

Tonsillectomy is surgical procedure of tonsils removal. Tonsils, although house white blood cells that help fight infection, can sometimes get infected. The infection of the tonsils is called Tonsillitis and can cost you the removal of tonsils when episodes of Tonsillitis happen too frequently. Other use of Tonsillectomy includes treating of breathing problems such as heavy snoring and sleep apnea.

For other people, Tonsillectomy can become a viable and permanent solution. Hence, it is important how much would a Tonsillectomy cost.

Average Tonsillectomy Cost

  • According to the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, the average tonsil removal cost is $5442. The tonsil removal cost can vary depending on the surgeon’s rate, hospital or clinic, and the geographic location. Usually, the removal of tonsils is covered by health insurance if they are considered necessary by your physician.
  • In considering a Tonsillectomy procedure, health insurance can be very helpful. If you do not have an insurance, there are companies that can help you sort through hundreds of policies to fit your needs. is a nice place to start looking for the best insurance for you.

Factors Affecting the Tonsillectomy Cost

  • Tonsillectomy is often covered by a health insurance. In the United States, the surgeon’s rate can vary depending on its popularity and known techniques. Also, an Out-Of-Network (OON) Surgeon rate is more expensive than the In-Network (IN) Surgeon’s rate. This information can be obtained in your health insurance policy. You also need to prepare a budget for your anesthesiologist, rates can differ depending on your insurance policy rate for Out-Of-Network and In-Network procedure.
  • The same with Surgeon’s rate, the tonsil removal cost can be influenced by the hospital’s popularity and technique. An Out-Of-Network (OON) hospital or clinic will definitely charge higher than In-Network (IN) medical facility. The rate can differ and is stipulated in your insurance policy if you happen to have one.
  • The geographical location is also a factor affecting the Tonsillectomy cost. Medigo provides a comparison of Tonsillectomy prices around the world. Tonsillectomy in the United States costs $6634, in Russia costs $3609, in Hungary, costs $2953, in the United Arab Emirates, costs $2055, in Turkey, costs $1901, in Spain costs $1873, in India, costs $1575, in Thailand costs $1417, in Poland costs $567 and in Morocco costs $308.
  • Another factor that affects the price of a Tonsillectomy is the age. Tonsillectomy done on a child will be significantly much cheaper than done on an adult. This is because pediatric tonsillectomy is considerably less complicated, less painful and has lower complication odds. The price difference between a Tonsillectomy done on adults and children is around $500.

Getting A Tonsillectomy

Please do note that one episode of Tonsillitis could not warrant a Tonsillectomy. This surgery is usually taken as a treatment option by those who often experience episodes of Tonsillitis or strep throat. If you have had at least seven episodes of these illnesses in every year, it is always best to talk to your health care provider regarding your condition so he or she can advise you whether a Tonsillectomy is a viable option for you.

Tonsillectomy can also be a medical treatment for breathing problems, heavy snoring, sleep apnea, tonsil bleeding, trouble swallowing foods or tonsils cancer.

You will also need to stop taking anti-inflammatory medicines, such as ibuprofen, two weeks prior your Tonsillectomy since these kinds of drugs can upsurge the risk of bleeding during and after the surgery. It will be good to disclose any medication to your doctor. The procedure will also require an empty stomach, which means you are prohibited to eat after midnight before the surgery. This will reduce the probability of feeling nauseous from the anesthetic.

Furthermore, plan your at-home recovery- “who should drive you home after the surgery?”, “who should help you for a couple of days after the Tonsillectomy?” are few of the question needed to be asked before even planning to get a Tonsillectomy.

Extra Cost     

  • Once the Tonsillectomy is complete, the physician will typically prescribe antibiotics to avoid infections and pain relievers to keep the patient comfortable during the process of recovery.
  • The surgeon’s, anesthesiologist’s and facility’s fee can be separated. It is possible to get an Out-Of-Network surgeon in an In-Network facility, the possibilities for a procedure can be limitless. These fees can be billed separately.
  • A follow-up visit will also be obligatory a few weeks after the procedure. This visit will check if the wounds from the procedure are healing properly as it should be.

Inclusion of a Tonsillectomy

  • An initial assessment of the suitability of tonsillectomy is done. This will include medical history assessment, physical examinations, throat cultures or Strep tests, X-rays and blood tests. On the day of the Tonsillectomy procedure, the patient is needed to be admitted to hospital, clinic or center where the procedure will be done and will undergo anesthesia before the surgery.
  • Under a general anesthetic, the surgeons will remove the tonsils, and, if deemed necessary, the adenoids might be removed too. The Tonsillectomy procedure usually takes about an hour but the recovery process might take up to seven days.

Ways to Save Money

  • It is always recommended to get a medical/health insurance. Health insurance can be an added cost since you will be paying for its premium every month or year depending on what the policy stipulates. The cost of the Tonsillectomy when you have an insurance policy is usually cheaper or free in other cases.
  • Always go to an In-Network surgeon and anesthesiologist as they typically cost cheaper than the Out-Of-Network surgeons and anesthesiologists. That is if you have a health insurance policy. You can get more details by contacting your insurance policy provider.
  • There can be numerous In-Network doctors, and prices may vary. It is encouraged to get in touch with a number of health care providers to find the best price possible.
  • If you consider having the Tonsillectomy procedure in a hospital, have it done in an In-Network hospital. Typically, they charge lesser compared to Out-Of-Network hospitals. That is if you have a health insurance policy. You can get more details by contacting your insurance policy provider.
  • There can also be numerous In-Network Hospitals, and prices may vary. You can get in touch with different hospitals or clinics to compare prices and go for the best one.
  • You can also consider having the Tonsillectomy procedure done in an outpatient setting. When done in a hospital, it will require you to be admitted and stay overnight in the hospital. This in-patient method can be very expensive since the overnight stay is not offered free. However, if you get it done in an outpatient medical facility, fees will be lower.

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