How Much Does Tub Reglazing Cost

See a new look for that old bathtub for a fraction of the cost and hassle of an extensive renovation by refinishing the tub instead of replacing it. In most cases, replacing a tub needs a significant amount of work and an essential investment of both time and money. Refinishing is a process that is also generally known as resurfacing or reglazing; it lets you repair any marks or dents, remove the old polish and apply a fresh finish with a glossy topcoat that makes the tub look new.

The average cost of this project, and whether or not it makes sense for your situation will depend on different factors.

There are a lot of reasons for giving your tub a repair. Either the existing one is old and unsightly, or you’re remodelling the whole bathroom, reglazing the bathtub can make a vital difference in the look of the room.

Should you Replace or Refinish?

  • Replacing

Most tubs retail are as little as $200, which may be less expensive than refinishing. Before you begin reglazing bathtubshopping, you must estimate how much does it cost to reglaze a tub and you need to think the other expenses associated with replacing a bathtub, which includes:

* Removal of the old tub typically adds $80 to $170 to the last price

* According to the national average Hiring a plumber to re-attach pipes costs $379

* Installing of the new tub costs $2,875

* If you’re considering of replacing your tub with a shower pan, consider first the impact this could have on the home’s resale application. Most buyers shy away from homes without a bathtub specifically if they have children.

When you have added everything up, that $360 tub shifts into a project that costs more than $3,500 and you finally realized how much does it cost to reglaze a tub, there is always the possibility that you’ll meet plumbing problems along the way, which prolongs the time and expense of the project.

  • Refinishing

To refinish your tub, most homeowners pay between $240 and $800, with the tub reglazing cost coming in at around $560. All of the fees together with refinishing and replacing seem like a real deal. Also, if you have a valuable antique or unique tub, it preserves the attraction of your decoration or the historical accuracy it gives in an older house.

It’s best to note that refinishing a bathtub is not always the great idea. If the tub itself is already broken, it may only be a small solution that should be repeated on a regular basis. It also means that the bathtub, and the entire bathroom, isn’t available for 24 hours or longer.

DIY Tub Reglazing Cost

Either hiring a professional or you do the job yourself, it is critical to research the materials used to refinish your bathtub. Also keep in mind on how long the new polish takes to dry, how long it usually last and the tub reglazing cost. You must fix any plumbing issues before jumping to the project.

One of the primary reasons for reglazing on your own is saving money. Thus, if you choose DIY project, you only have fewer color options, and it may end up with a vague finish.

If you’re approaching it as do it yourself design:

* Look for a Kit. Find a full kit that has everything you need for the project, containing sandpaper, cleaner, refinishing paint, primer, a roller, a brush and a tray, all for $70 to $150. The good kits use a durable resin coating, which is fast to fade and chip. Most of the standard tub refinishing price and packages only has an epoxy coating, which means you still need to purchase all the extras and you will end up wanting to reglaze your tub again after a year.

* You must take safety precautions. Professionals wear covers and air filters to protect themselves from coming into contact with the refinishing paint. Wear mask. Gloves and goggles.

Estimated Expense for Tub Reglazing

An unattractive bathtub can make any bathroom look ugly and out dated. In the reglazing process, the tub is thoroughly scraped and spotlessly cleaned and dried. It is also sprayed with multiple coats of a unique finish. Others say that a properly done and nicely maintained reglazing can also last ten years or more. There are also others that consider it a temporary option. Other alternatives include installing bathtub liner ($400 – $4,500) or completely replacing the tub ($1,000 – $5,400).

Tub refinishing price can vary from $350-$650, but averages around $550-$650, depending on the local rates. Some companies promote refinishing for as little as $250-$350, (unless you live in a relatively low-cost area) before using a low bidder check. A poorly-done reglazing output may quickly start to peel and wear.

DIY bathtub reglazing kits are available for anywhere from $30-$200 in any hardware or home improvement stores and usually contain a cleaner and surface prep substance, two or more paint components and waterproof sandpaper. Reglazing can be done with only a roller and a brush, but you’ll get the excellent finish with a paint sprayer that is about $120-$200 for a good basic model. Some people are not happy with the long-term results of do-it-yourself tub reglazing.

Reglazing or refinishing a tub is usually an option if the surface around still looks good, and the tub is still in good form. Reglazing a bathtub is typically done in a day, usually in about 5-6 hours. If the process is done immediately, it’s more likely to start to peel and damaged. The solvents used have a strong odor, so most professional refinishers use only ventilation fans to vent the fumes outdoors. Preparation is the most crucial phase and time-consuming — any previous coatings or soap scum that has left in the tub will cause the reglazing to fail. The area around the tub should be masked off to protect it from the spraying, and multiple coats should be applied. The container should not be used for 24-48 hours after the reglazing is completed.

Look for several estimates. Ask what are the ways that will be used to reglaze your bathtub, which products will be utilized and how many coats will be applied.

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