How Much Does UCLA Tuition Cost

When it comes to academic excellence, high-quality research, top-notch athletics programs, and a student system with a diverse culture, the University of California, Los Angeles or UCLA is a name never taken out from the list. This public research institution is known all over the world for producing individuals with high intellect and socio-economic awareness. It educates students on how to become assets of the society, encourages them to create knowledge by doing extensive researches, and provides venues where talented undergraduates can hone their skills, especially in the field of sports.

Without a doubt, UCLA is a great choice for students who wish to obtain a quality education in their chosen field of study, as well as, for those who want a great career in sports. In fact, it has the highest number of undergraduate applicants in the U.S., receiving almost 100,000 student applications in 2013. A lot of students from other countries also want to apply at UCLA because of the university’s athletics program, which has produced some of the best NBA players such as Kevin Love, Kyle Anderson, and Russell Westbrook.

Cost to Attend at UCLA

As of the present time, UCLA offers more than 350 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in different disciplines. And considering that it is a sought-after institution, one can think that tuition fees are high, but how much does UCLA cost for the academic year of 2016-2017?

Apparently, the UCLA cost of attendance depends on whether the student – assuming that he or she is qualified for admission – is a resident or a nonresident (someone who comes from another country). For both resident and non-resident students for the academic year of 2016-2017, the tuition (only) costs $11,220. The total costs between a resident and a nonresident differ when other fees are included in the calculation.

Undergraduate Program Fees

Here is the breakdown of the overall UCLA tuition fees for undergraduate students:


TypeResidentNon Resident
Tuition$11,220 $11,220
Student Services Fee$1,074$1,074
Instructional Enhancement Initiative$324$324
Undergraduate Students Association$216.96$216.96
SPARC Fee*$107$107
Ackerman/Kerckhoff Seismic Fee $113 $113
Ackerman Student Union Fee$63$63
Arts Restoring Community Fee $4.76$4.76
Green Initiative Fee$14.40$14.40
PLEDGE Fee$51.84$51.84
Bruin Bash Fee$4.12$4.12
Wooden Center Fee$51$51
Nonresident Supplemental Tuition$0$26,682


TOTAL FEES for Old Students

  • Residents -$15,394 
  • Non Residents -$42,076


Along with this, there is a one-time document fee for new students which amounts to about $165. 

*Student Programs, Activities, and Resources Complex

**UC Student Health Insurance Plan

With the Nonresident Supplemental Tuition, non-resident students evidently have higher total school fees than resident students. This also holds true for UCLA’s graduate programs. The combined cost of tuition and student fees for most master’s and doctorate programs starts around $16,325 per year for California residents while $31,427 per year for non-California residents.

Graduate School

Here are the graduate programs with their respective total UCLA tuition fees for the academic year of 2016-2017. Keep in mind that these costs are for old admissions. For new students, just add a document fee of, at least, $80, depending on the chosen degree program.

TypeResident FeesNon Resident Fees
Master of Architecture$24,725.37$36,970.37
Master of Fine Arts$24,803.37$33,868.37
Doctor of Dental Surgery$43,278.37$52,328.37
Environmental Science and Engineering24,023.37$36,268.37
Juris Doctor Program (Law)$48,980.37$55,474.37
Doctor of Medicine$37,923.37$50,168.37
Master of Science in Nursing$26,855.37$39,100.37
Master of Public Health$23,525.37$36,226.37
Doctor of Public Health$23,525.37$36,226.37
Master of Public Policy$24,359.37$37,141.37
Master of Social Welfare$22,520.37$35,221.37
Urban and Regional Planning$22,886.37$35,617.37

*The school’s fees above don’t include the costs for books, materials, housing, and other personal expenses. With that said, here are the following estimated costs for these expenditures per academic year, that is nine months. Take note that these costs vary based on where the students live.

On CampusOff CampusLiving With Relatives
Room and Board$15,069$10,653 $4,854
Books and Supplies$1,635$1,635$1,635
Transportation $600$1,122$1,686
Personal $1,677$1,869$2,067
Health Insurance $2,148 $2,148 $2,148

The health insurance can be waived if the student is already covered by an adequate insurance plan.

How much is the overall cost to study at UCLA? For instance, you are a new undergraduate resident, so you pay $15,559.03 for the cost of attendance. If you live on campus, the total fee is around $49,606.03. Meanwhile, you pay $45,904 and $40,867 if you stay in an off-campus apartment and live with your relatives, respectively.

For a non-resident undergraduate, the cost of attendance is $42,076.03. Adding the other expenses gives you the following overall costs:

  • On campus = $76,123.03
  • Off campus = $72,421.03
  • Living with relatives = $67,384.03

Financial Support for UCLA Students

Due to high costs, UCLA offers its students with different types of financial support, especially to those who don’t have enough money to pay for their tuition payments. According to UCLA, “a financial aid award generally consists of a combination of scholarships and grant money” given by the university, as well as, other affiliated and unaffiliated sources. Students can also avail of low-interest loans and apply for a work-study job during the academic year. You can check out this Financial Aid Handbook for more details on the financial aid programs provided by UCLA.

Unfortunately, UCLA does not award any financial aid and/or scholarships to undergraduate students who are not US citizens. Non-permanent residents are also excluded from the benefits. However, nonresidents can be exempted from paying the Nonresident Supplemental Tuition, which costs $26,682 every year. You can read here to know the requirements for this exemption.

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