How Much Does A Vasectomy Cost

Vasectomy is widely known contraceptive for men. Testimonies show that vasectomy is proven safe and even more effective. The average cost of vasectomy differs in the kind of vasectomy to be done. And since this is a surgery, the price can be expected to be high and rarely low.

To know how much does a vasectomy cost, it is important to know that this surgery comes in two kinds. The first type is the traditional vasectomy, and the second type is the No-Cut Vasectomy. It is best recommended to consult your physician first before deciding for a vasectomy. You might also want to consider your partner in your chosen family program method.

Why Have A Vasectomy?

Most men choose to have vasectomy because of the benefit it gives. The sperms are created in the testicles. When ejaculation occurs, the sperm passes through the tubes, also called vas deferens, which has seminal fluids and when mixed, creates semen; thus, making pregnancy a great probability. Vasectomy is a surgical procedure that removes all or a part of vas deferens, prevents sperm to mix with seminal fluid. This is viewed as the most effective contraceptive for men, especially to those who are not ready to have a child yet. The survey shows that 6.6% of men in the United States from age 18 to 45 had vasectomy, almost more than 3 million.

Vasectomy is cost-effective. The average cost of vasectomy ranges from $300 to $3500 depending on the type of vasectomy to be acquired. Of course, prices are always subject to clinic and may vary depending on your area.

Traditional vasectomy is a surgical procedure where a direct incision in the side of the scrotum is being done to tie or to cut off the vas deferens, or to block the duct with surgical clip. Traditional vasectomy mostly cost $400 and up. The Scott and White Healthcare in Texas offers a premium traditional vasectomy with price higher than $5000. In Francisco, a pricey vasectomy is available that costs more than $8000. There are also low-priced medical centers that can do your vasectomy with moderate price of $400 and up.

How much does a no-cut vasectomy cost? The price ranges from $400 to $1800, and others propose a higher charge. No-cut vasectomy means no needles or scalpel will touch your scrotum. Special instruments are used to create a tiny hole in the scrotum enough to have access in the vas ducts. It’s faster and more practical than traditional vasectomy.

The typical vasectomy consultation price is $590 that includes semen count exam and other medical examinations.  After the surgery, the doctor may give prescription for a number of pain relievers and other medicines. Prepare some cash for that, too.

Local or general anesthesia can help you have a painless surgery. Some clinics charge additional payment for those. It may come for about 12 weeks for you to become sperm-free from the day of your vasectomy, so you need to have a regular sperm count exam. Hence, continual intake of birth control pills and wearing protection are still needed until you become sperm-free.

Do you find it expensive? Insurance companies can help you manage your financial statements in getting a vasectomy. They will not pay the whole amount of it, but they can help you spend less than expected. Make sure to let your insurance checked if vasectomy is under the plan. The total cost of vasectomy may lessen by up to 85% with insurance covering the vasectomy expenses.

Reverse vasectomy can also be done. The consultation fee is $100 and the surgery can cost up to $5000. Prices still vary on what region you are in. The credibility of your chosen clinic can also affect the price. Also remember, reverse vasectomy is not always reliable.

Why Spend For Vasectomy?

Vasectomy can help you with your family planning program without compromising the pleasure you’ve always wanted. It’s safe and effective. You can still ejaculate without worrying about unwanted pregnancies. The average cost of vasectomy is reasonably moderate for a life time worry-free of sexual pleasure. Starts from $300, you can have your consultation for the right vasectomy for you. Always talk to your health care provider about this matter. It’s a one-time expense for long term happiness and always been dependable.

Vasectomy at Its Cost

The earnest thing about vasectomy is searching the right Urologist with excellent credibility and is highly professional. It is important to keep safety in mind. Wrong surgeries can cause you bled in your genitals, swelling, fever and other discomforts. If then, seek for medical expert and have an immediate consultation. 

How much does a vasectomy cost? It’s around $300 to $8000. The average price is for no-cut vasectomy and traditional vasectomy. The price can be either go high or low depending on a number of factors. Price varies depending on your region. Of course, not all hospitals and clinics offer the same price. Physicians may also charge you a considerable amount. Some clinic accepts walk-in patients and some by appointment. Take time to call to the nearest clinic to set an appointment.

The result can either make you happy or not. The risks of vasectomy cannot be vanished away. Several complications may come on or after the surgery. Vasectomy is truly proven safe. But there are also unseen dangers that cannot be anticipated. Vasectomy can help you avoid pregnancy, but it doesn’t mean that you’re resistant to sexually transmitted infections (STI). Wearing of protection is still advised. Many people find vasectomy more practical than in women sterilization, which cost up to four times the price of vasectomy.

Vasectomy is widely acknowledged in the society. Before making a decision, make sure to have enough knowledge about it. Search for a clinic or a hospital that offers safe and reliable vasectomy that is less expensive.

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