How Much Does Vegas Trip Cost

Slot machines and blackjack tables might pop up inside your head upon hearing the name of the “sin city”. Of course, there’s more to Las Vegas than endless gaming.

Vegas is a foodie’s paradise, a luxurious vacationer’s haven, and the businessmen’s gathering place. Sounds expensive, isn’t it?

Well, it won’t be as costly as you expect if you know how much the trip to Vegas cost is. Learn about the average prices to be able to plan your budget vacation now!

Cost Considerations

The trip to Vegas cost would be influenced by several travel factors including:

How Much Does Vegas Trip Cost

  • The number of travelers. Generally, the cost will multiply the larger your group is.
  • The length of your stay. A longer vacation would increase the accommodation and food costs.
  • Your itinerary. Are you planning to gamble until you lose it all? Stay in a luxurious hotel until you tire of it? Explore the old and new parts of the city? Or do you plan to do everything Vegas has to offer? The more activities you plan to do that involve money, the higher the cost of your trip.
  • Gambling habits. You visited Vegas for its casinos, right? Depending on your habits, you could stay at mid-range or end up sucking your wallet dry.
  • The time of year. The larger the crowds in the city, the pricier it is to stay in Vegas.

Cost Breakdown

Note that the above factors are cost multipliers. To be able to get the base Vegas vacation cost, you should know the prices of airfare, accommodation, meals, and activities in the city.


Las Vegas could be very expensive. That’s why it would lessen your burden if you could at least save on airfares. Fortunately, there are plenty of flight deals to choose from.

For instance, has the following current prices:

  • New York to Las Vegas: $226 to $231
  • Chicago to Las Vegas: $108 to $126
  • Houston to Las Vegas: $92 to $135
  • Los Angeles to Las Vegas: $81 to $113
  • Boston to Las Vegas: $230 to $262
  • Dallas to Las Vegas: $87 to $201

Note that these prices may change when the websites update their deals. Hence, regularly check online.

Affordable as they are, round-trip tickets from aggregators have pre-determined flight schedules. If you can, adjust your trip to dates when costs are low.

Peak and Low Season

Most people fly to Las Vegas during fall and winter, hence the higher prices during this season. Flight prices also tend to shoot up during events like New Year parties.

Aside from partying, Vegas is also a popular venue for international business conferences. Check your flight date if it does not coincide with such occasions. Otherwise, your airfare would likely rise.

As it is a desert city, Las Vegas is mercilessly hot during the summer. Consequently, only a few tourists visit during this season. If you’re still planning to go during this time of the year, air-conditioned hotels are your refuge.


Prices for accommodation in Vegas fluctuates weekly (literally). Weekday rates are generally lower, with some promos here and there. But once the weekend kicks in, costs rise considerably. That said, you could save by opting to spend your vacation during weekdays.

Your proximity to The Strip is also a factor. Accommodations within the area are generally eye-popping expensive. Go downtown to score on lower prices. Of course, a budget place means less or no luxury.

To give you an idea, here are some rough examples of costs in Vegas:

  • Casino hotel room downtown: $35 to $90 (weekday price)
  • Standard strip casino hotel: $65 to $150
  • Luxury strip megaresort suite: $200+

Saving on Accommodation

Taken aback by the costs of hotels? There is always a way to save, even in Vegas.

According to Nomadic Matt, you could find dorms a few miles away from the Strip costing only $20 a night. If you could do away with the luxury, book a dorm bed. Just be careful as some providers might provide too cheap a service in return for the low rate.

Casinos in Vegas also offer cheap rooms so as to attract you to enter their establishments. Take advantage of such by checking promos online.

Lastly, opt for Airbnb accommodations. With proper planning, you could possibly spend only as low as $15 for a shared room.

Food and Drinks

Heads up, foodies! Vegas food is downright incredible! There are a plethora of meals to choose from. Furthermore, every establishment from bars to 3-star Michelin restaurants offer something that would delight your taste buds.

If you’re having second thoughts because of the city’s costly reputation, know that there are still cheap meals around.

For instance, listed not one, not two, but 20 restaurants that would not blow your budget. Here’s a list to give you an idea:

  • New York steak at Badger Café: $9.99
  • Burger at Breakfast and Grill Café: $3.99
  • Michelob beer at Casino Royale: $1
  • Oysters at Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House: $12
  • Dinner at Feast Buffet: $8.99 to $10.99

As for the average cost per meal, here are some averages for the budget traveler:

  • Budget breakfast: $5 to $10
  • Budget lunch: $7 to $15
  • Budget dinner: $10 to $20
  • A pint of beer: $3 to $6

Local Transportation

You’d think walking at the Strip is an experience you should not miss in Vegas. But note that no one requires you to walk the whole 4-mile distance. Go by foot along the way and ride the train or bus once you’re tired.

Las Vegas Monorail

The LV Monorail traverses the east part of the Strip. The train stops at 6 stations, with some near hotels and the Las Vegas Convention Center. The tickets for the ride include:

  • Single ride: $5
  • 1-day Pass: $12
  • 2-day Pass: $22
  • 3-day Pass: $28
  • 4-day Pass: $36
  • 5-day Pass: $43
  • 7-day Pass: $56


You could travel along the Strip on board The Deuce. The bus company caters to both locals and tourists in the city. The ticket prices are:

  • 2-hour Strip and all-access: $6
  • 24-hour Strip and all-access: $8
  • 3-day Strip and all-access: $20


You don’t need to look further to be able to feast your eyes in Las Vegas. The city lights are enough to keep you busy with taking photos. There’s an urban beauty found in town (even in the older areas) that would accompany you through your evening walk.

Aside from the free spectacle, there are also attractions for the whole family! Included are:

  • Mob Museum: $25
  • Discovery Children’s Museum: $14.50
  • Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art: $17
  • Madame Tussauds: $20
  • Shark Reef Aquarium: $22


Strolling the Strip and entering the casinos are given activities in Vegas. But if you’re looking for something different, the city could rise to the occasion.

For instance, there’s the Grand Canyon. Coach tours from the city leading to the natural wonder are widely available for about $85. Note only that the park is considerably far from Vegas and it would take the whole day for you to enjoy the place.

Hoover Dam is another off-the-Strip location but closer to the city than the Grand Canyon. Enter for $15 and take your travel photos with the scenery as your backdrop.

Want to sweat it out while in Vegas? Take a bike tour to Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and other locations. For an immersive experience, opt for guided tours offered by All Mountain Cyclery. Aside from biking, they could also accompany you for a hike up the River Mountain trail.

Free Things to Do in Vegas

Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can enjoy Vegas for free? That’s the mantra of any budget traveler. Fortunately, the city has something for you even if you’re just willing to pay under $20. Here are some from Travel + Leisure:

  • Immerse yourself into Vegas art. Experience the city’s artistic beauty through public artworks, city installations, and murals.
  • Walk down the Strip. Strolling at the area would make you appreciate the picturesque city more.
  • Watch acrobatic shows. You could watch stunts performed by Circus-Circus performers if you’re above the casino floor. They don’t charge fees every half hour.

Calculating the Vegas Vacation Cost

How much does it cost to go to Vegas? There is no exact answer, but there are average prices you could refer to.

For instance, Budget Your Trip listed the daily cost in the city for different travel styles:

  • Budget trip: $91
  • Mid-range trip: $244
  • Luxury trip: $699

Vegas Vacation Cost

Let’s take the mid-range average to know how much does it cost to go to Vegas. If you’re staying for seven days, the total expenses would be about $1,700 per person or $3,400 for two. Add a discounted round-trip ticket, say from New York, and you’ll get $1,930 to $1,950 ($3,860 to $3,900 for two).

Note that we got the above prices based on how much most travelers spend in Vegas. Also, the total does not include extras and gambling. The overall cost, thus, would still depend on your traveling style.

Additional Costs

Don’t forget to prepare a budget for the following:

  • Shopping (for yourself)
  • Souvenirs (for people back home)
  • Deluxe tours
  • Bar hopping

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