How Much Does Vending Machine Rental Cost

Vending machines have been used for some years proving to be the best regarding proper display of small items like snacks, soft drinks and stuff like.

Most of them are refrigerated and set in shelves of different or same sizes. The cost of vending machines differs for various reasons and aspects. Mostly, you will find these at Supermarkets, big retail shopping centers as well as in the restaurants, bars and in few wealthy families’ premises just at the front of their setting or dining rooms.

Factors Affecting Vending Machine Price

Several factors determine how much it will cost you to have your vending machine. Whether you want it for your Vending machines making colapersonal use or business use, the idea of buying one comes had to be thoroughly thought through and weighed up to match the reasons of getting it. Some of these factors are:

  • Size: Bigger shopping centers will have to go for a massive vending machine, they serve a wide range and a huge number of customers and so, they will need a big machine capable of carrying more than enough of its content. The larger the machine, the more expensive it will cost to either buy it or rent it.
  • Type and design: There are various types of vending machines out there, most of them will suit home purposes while others are best used for business purposes. Whether it’s to buy it as your own or to rent it for a while, the type and design of it will determine the cost of a vending machine.
  • Manufacturers: There are many vending manufacturers including famously known seaga, Westomatic, Aequator. Animo BV. Azkoyen SA. Bianchi Vending and many more others. Among them, there are those that are of more and better quality than the others. From the owners, each vending machine rental price will differ depending on their manufacturer and quality as well.

Vending Machine Rental Price

Many businessmen and women have opted to either rent or lease vending machines instead of buying them. Their huge cost amount is the reason behind the majority of people not buying them but going for rental ones. One weighs up the burden of buying, and maybe they just need it for a short period.

With consideration of the factors mentioned above, the prices of renting a vending machine would range from $10-30 per week with a slightly smaller vending machine going for only $5 or so currently. The longer the period you rent the machine, the high the amount you are going to pay, but your rates will be slightly lower than the standard ones for those renting it for a week or two.

Purchasing a Vending Machine

If you chose to go for your own fully operational machine, then you can opt to buy one. Although it is costly, if it serves you well with no loss then why not? Rent vending machines can have their issues too so owning one gives you all the benefits and power to operate it with whatever thing you want. For an average new vending machine, its costs will range between $1000-6000 depending on the factors we mentioned above.

Apart from just having a self-owned vending machine, there are more advantages of owning one rather than renting it. For example, you can choose which products to buy and where to buy them. Though you will have to be responsible concerning maintenance and the upkeep of the machine unlike on the rent vending machines.

Why Buy Rather Than Rent?

People have realized that to maximize their potential incomes and profits from the vending machine; buying is the solution! Although this is a costly option, with an excellent plan and a beautiful location of its intended function, this machine will prove to deliver and give maximum profits once bought more than what you can get from a rent vending machine.

Advantages of Buying Vending Machine

  1. Better services: Once you have a brand new machine that you are using at it’s the first time, there is a significant possibility of using it for a while without any problem thus delivering the best of services. Fewer maintenance costs and wear and tear issue.
  2. Product Flexibility: With your machine, you can add close to anything that is addable, you are the sole decision maker of your vending machine and chooses what to buy, where to buy it and the display on your machine.
  3. Higher Margins of Profits: You will not be paying anyone anything on weekly or month’s basis, any amount of money made from the machine goes straight to your accounts thus making high-profit margins.

Disadvantages of Buying Your Own Vending Machine

There will always be disadvantages of everything, especially in the business industry! All that people do is to take risks and be ready to respond to the worst encounters if it happens. Below are some of the disadvantages of purchasing your vending machine.

  1. Up-front money to buy the machine: There are very few instances where companies selling vending machines offer discounts and installment payments like the discount selling store does. With the quality one’s going for over $3k, you will have to carry that with you to the purchasing place.
  2. Costly Repairs and Maintaining: They are very sensitive to break down, a simple technical damage can cost you some amount of money that you never expected! Once you purchase it, be ready to have these sorted frequently.
  3. Stocking: It is going to be all your, be ready to buy stocks regularly. Responsibilities will all be on your hands.


The size of your firm, if in case you want the vending machine renting price not to make losses should be a key determinant! Serving many customers will be a sign of a successful renting deal or even purchasing one. There is no need of taking risks on obvious failing projects and ideas. Again it is important to choose the best vending machine from the most reliable company which won’t give you a great design and looks but prove to deliver mediocrity services. Choose wisely! Stock wisely and enjoy a successful vending experience.

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