How Much Does Wallpaper Removal Cost

You do not need all the time to modify your wall paint or set up costly wall enhancers to make your abode classy and elegant. Wallpapers are already excellent options since they are not pricey and incredibly simple to fix. It can present a stylish finish to your walls.

But then, lots of homeowners are too frightened at considering through this choice as they do not have any idea how to get rid of it. Removing it can be a chaotic, time consuming, and dreary chore.

That is why hiring a professional is the best option to accomplish the job swiftly and tidily. He has the device and know-how to strip your wallpaper with no needless dent to your walls.

So, how much does wallpaper removal price? The quantity, kind, and ease of access of your wallpaper will add at the cost of the project, together with any job needed to get ready your walls for a new finish.

Average Cost of Wallpaper Removal

Average Cost of Wallpaper Removal


The average cost to remove wallpaper will rely significantly on the kind of walls you own, the kind of wallpaper that was first installed and the dimension as well as the altitude of the room.

According to Home Improvement Educator, it costs around $2 to $5 a square foot to remove it, while a complicated work could run from $10 to $30 or more. On the whole, homeowners can anticipate reimbursing between $475 to $823 to have its wallpaper removed in a standard room.

Factors Affecting the Cost

  • Location

Though wallpaper is extremely challenging to remove from several parts of your home, it is still one of the popular choices for every room. Stripping it off on a single level, in vast, broad areas is typically trouble-free and does not need any particular tools.

However, rooms with high ceilings or various corners and obstructions might boost the intricacy of the task.

According to Proreferral, the average wallpaper removal price for a dining area is $309, for a bedroom is $314, for a living room is $344, and for a family room is $402.

The cost for an office is $308, for a bathroom is $297, for a kitchen is $305, for a staircase is $362, for a hallway is $274, and for a garage is$417.

  • Wallpaper Quantity

One of the most vital considerations in setting up for the task is the total area of the wallpaper removed. In general, the cost to strip off a 50 square feet of paper is $127, for 50 to 100 square feet is $166, and for 100 to 200 square feet is $306. Moreover, the cost for 200 square feet is 200 square feet is $581.

  • Prep for New Finishes

The category, age, and application process utilized for a variety of wallpapers influences how simply they can be taken out with no damage to the core surface.

The additional job required to set up the wall for refinishing might augment the cost of your project since the state of your walls after paper removal might not be appropriate for installing new wallpaper or paint.

The average cost to remove wallpaper is $329, while to clean and fix the wall is $384.The usual cost to prepare your wall for a soft paint finish is around $442, which is dependent on the degree of the damage, and if resurfacing and sanding are required.

  • Essential Job for Wallpaper Removal

Your service provider would assess the situation of your walls and wallpaper to set up the most efficient methods, supplies, tools, and gear for your wallpaper removal task.

Think about the convenience of your location and the state of your home that may add to set-up needs. Wallpaper removal may augment the cost of the task since the utilization of lifts and staging or wide-ranging preparation required to secure furnishings, floors, and belongings.

Your service provider can as well help you assume the time and toil essential to get ready your walls for a stunning new finish.

Additional Cost

The cost solvent-based wallpaper removal in a gallon is around $50 to $100 and the associated tools. The cost for rental of an electric Steam-based wallpaper removal is $20 to $60 each day.

D-I-Y wallpaper removal price for a standard sized room may around $50 to $100 per day with a relative difficulty of Easy to Moderate in completing a task.

Methods of Removal

The removal procedure a pro will utilize relies upon on the wallpaper kind, the surface underneath and the first choice of the service provider you hire. Standard methods include below:

  • Dry stripping

Dry stripping is only applied for strip-able wallpaper. They will loosen every strip of wallpaper at the corners with a blade and then gradually peeled it back. A next step is essential to remove the adhesive backing if you are preparing to have it painted. If you are planning to apply new wallpaper, there is no need.

  • Soaking and Scraping

Soaking and scraping is the most simple removal mean for an adhesive that left after dry-stripping or non-strip-able paper. Temperate water and some chemical substance are put in section-by-section and let to set in. Then a scraper is utilized to remove paper from that part.

  • Steaming

If the wallpaper is particularly hard to remove or there are quite a few layers, a steamer may be employed to smoothen the wallpaper for scraping.

Nevertheless, this way is not as familiar with experts lately because the hot water can harm drywall. With plaster walls, this technique is safer.


Average Cost of Wallpaper Removal

Classically, the wallpaper removal cost comprises of all equipment, supplies, and dumping of the paper. It involves cleaning adhesive from the walls as well; fixing any scratch, skim coating and, as needed sanding the walls.

Bear in mind that the costs above are merely intended to be guidelines. You could shell out more or less contingent on the formerly mentioned components, principally if there are numerous layers of wallpaper need to be removed.

Now you know the average cost to remove wallpaper, you can decide what to do next.

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