How Much Does Walmart Eye Exam Cost

Regular eye examinations are important to everyone despite of their age. Every day, we strain our eyes to radicals that can harm it – UV rays, radiation, even just simply reading a book in the dark. With an eye examination, optometrists can detect if you have problems concerning them.

Your doctor will evaluate your eyes, most commonly with a machine, for common eye problems, see if your eyes have the same vision, and if whether they are healthy or an indication of another disease. If you want to have your eye exam, you better go to the nearest Walmart store.

So, how much is an eye exam at Walmart?

When to have an eye exam

When to have an eye exam? You don’t go to your doctor just when you have a problem. In fact, you have to let your eyes get checked to the doctor regularly. If you have kids, have them get their eyes checked too. But here are the best times when to have your eye exam.

an image of someone having an eye test

  • Children below five years old. From birth, doctors will check the eyes for common issues like crossed eyes, inborn blindness, lazy eyes and other congenital disabilities. Highly depending on how bad or great the eyes are, you’ll need to go back from time to time and see how doctors would prescribe your child’s issue.
  • Kids from 6 to 20 years old. Is your child ready for school? Go to the doctors and have them examine the eyes. Your child will have difficulty in learning if his or her eyes have issues. Bad sight reading or hazy sight would hamper children’s studies. Not to mention that it would put them to danger and harm if they can’t see things in their path.
  • Adults. Your eyes should be sharp now that you’re in your prime. However, if you have concerns, try going to the doctor as advised.  If you are in your 20s and 30s, take an eye exam every five years. Meanwhile, when in your forties to fifties, have a checkup in an average of three years from 40 to 54years old. When in your golden years, the best time to have an eye exam would be yearly.

However, you can have your eyes examined more so, if you wear glasses or contacts or are inflicted with a disease. It all depends on how healthy your eyes are.

Why have your eye exams at Walmart?

Thousands of people shop at Walmart. The store can be found all over the states in the US making it easier for people to find. What’s more, not only people go there for groceries, but the store offers various services from auto mechanics to vision centers.

So, no one should be surprised to know that Walmart offers eye exams, and sell eyeglasses and contact lenses according to people’s needs. Their optical services are cheaper while being able to deliver services that would benefit greatly to customers. At Walmart, one can walk in, shop and get an eye exam that easily. So how much is Walmart eye exam cost?

How much does a Walmart eye exam cost?

For you to have that eye exam, Walmart doctors usually charge around a starting rate of $60 which is a staggering low cost that those of other optometrists that price their rates from $80 to $100. And that cost alone doesn’t even charge you with lenses and glasses.

Walmart vision center prices start at $75 for a routine eye exam. If done together with contact lens fitting, the price would go from $125 to $145. Visual field screening would cost $15, and retinal photo of eye exams are $29.

Extra costs from having an eye exam

optometrist getting an eye check

From contacts to glasses and eye droppers, Walmart is a store that has you covered. Here are the Walmart vision center prices that go with your eye exam.

Glasses start at $28 for children, and that includes the frame and lens. For adults, regular prices of Walmart glasses are at $48. Meanwhile, name brands would start at $68 with designer brands for $84. You can have your prescription glasses for $39 though.

If you want to have contacts, be prepared to shell out $104. And in case you need glasses and contacts, the price would jack up to $144. Need to clear your eyes? Eye droppers starts at $2, but contacts solutions and cleaners starts at $3. Eye creams and correction system is sold at an average of $7.

How to save from eye exams?

How good is Walmart eye exam cost? You’ll be surprised that a drop of $20 can be seen between private and Walmart vision centers. Even though the cost is already quite inexpensive there, but if you want, still, to lower it, you can do that with these tips.

Be an affiliate                                                                

If you’re an associate or affiliate party of Walmart, the store has an association reduction on-line program to ease out the burden of your paying more. That is their way of thanking affiliates who promote their program.  So, every time you want to buy something, log on to Walmart’s website and see your benefits.

Vision Insurance at Walmart

Vision centers at Walmart sometimes allow you to use your insurance, and often they don’t. The doctors working there are already accepting low prices and takes cash-based systems. However, there are some doctors who accept most insurance for ease of payment of their clients.


Save big time with coupons. Most of them can be found online like, and you can snag great savings up to 50%. So, you better check the site from time to time. You can also read your daily newspapers to see clippings of Walmart discounts.

If you still want to clear out how much is an eye exam at Walmart, just go to the nearest store and see for yourself how affordable their prices are. Walmart is available in all states and can be much convenient for you as it is an all-store having all of your needs.

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