How Much Does WalMart Hunting License Cost

Hunting is an art or a sport that has been loved by the man since ages. At first, it was done to meet the requirements of food, but with the passage of time, it turned out to be a pleasure activity.

However, soon people started to utilize dreadful methods of hunting that lead to the extinction of many species. This is the reason that many laws were formulated for the protection of the animals and one of those laws includes having the hunting license. So, how much is a hunting license at Walmart?

Why do you need a hunting license?

You might be wondering that what the reason to have the hunting license is.

So here is a list of causes that will make it clear to you that hunting license is necessary:

Village hunters on Patrol

  • Having a hunting license means that you are properly trained with the skills of hunting, and you will not utilize any reckless method that might hurt the habitat or the animals in any way.
  • Having a hunting license is important to have all the equipment that you need to hunt. When you go to buy the tools and the weapons for hunting, you would be required to show the license
  • When you apply for the hunting license, you would have to pay a certain amount of money. This money is the utilized for the further research, stocking, and safety of the animals
  • The money is also utilized for many educational purposes where the hunters are taught the skills of hunting so that they will know what to do and when to do rather than staying clueless.

How Much Does Wal-Mart Hunting License Cost

One of the biggest questions that might be disturbing you is the cost that you would have to pay to acquire the hunting license. Wal-Mart has been providing the authentic hunting license, and the estimated cost that has been given is $11.75 with all the taxes included.

  • Florida Walmart

According to Florida Walmart stores, regular annual hunting costs $17 in the area. If you want to hunt a little longer, a card that says five years will have you pay up $79. However, Florida state seems to want it packaged with different hunting regimens.

Hunting and Freshwater Fishing combination will cost you $32.50. Hunting license Walmart price with fishing for both salt and freshwater will cost a little higher for $48. Resident 64 Sportsman’s Licenses that includes wildlife management, gun and crossbow use for animals like deer and fowl is less expensive for $13.50.

  • Mississippi Walmart

How much is a hunting license at Walmart in Mississippi? A sportsman license costs $47.50 which includes turkey hunting with the use of crossbow or archery. However, a simple fall turkey permit will not cost you more than $10. If you want to hunt and trap, licenses would cost you $27.

Resident senior will pay less at $5 and so does voluntary kids under 16 years of age. For those who wanted to hunt and buy fur, an estimated cost of $53 will have you paying. Hunting license Walmart price for non-residents starts at $7.50 for deer hunting in a limited amount of time to $305, for an all-game hunting.

  • Texas Walmart

Regular hunting licenses for residents will start at the cost of $25 with a combo package of $68. Senior residents can enjoy more as they can get to pay for $7 only. Of course, non-residents licenses costs more at $126 to $315 generally. However, bird hunting licenses costs only $27.

Youth hunters can get their licenses for $7 while those younger can be accompanied with adults that have licenses.

  • Kansas Walmart

Animal hunted down

Resident seniors can avail hunting license Walmart price for $15. A combination of fish and hunt is at $25 and a lifetime license holder will pay $42.50 to avail of it. A regular resident hunt starts at $27.50, while a combo would reach $47.50. However, residents can avail a $5 off if they purchase their licenses before February 1.

Non-residents should pay $97.50 to be cleared for hunting, while those younger than 16 years old should pay $42.50. Other than that, a combo of fish and hunt would have the price for $137.50.

However, this is just a general estimation because the cost might vary according to the state. So when you are looking forward to applying for the hunting license, you have to make sure that you ask the office of the nearest Wal-Mart store. In this way, you will get the right amount, and thus, you can keep the money aside before you apply for the license and the test.

Note, nonetheless, that prices at Walmart are controlled by the state the store is in. Walmart is just an agent in handing out licenses, and they don’t control the prices.

Extra cost

Most of the time people are worried about the extra cost that they might have to pay when applying for the hunting license. However, there is no special extra cost that you will have to pay as there are already the taxes included in the amount you have to pay for the hunting license.

But, you would be needing holders for your licenses which you can buy at the store for $2.50 with a Gryphon night vision holder for $130.

Permits and endorsements

In order to hunt wild animals, you need permits and endorsements to back up your licenses. Deer permits would cost $5 annually, and bears would reach $100. Turkey permits for residents will only cost $10 and for non-residents a hefty $125.

Trapping licenses

Some people would prefer to hunt and trap all of the sudden, so a fee of $27.50 for residents and $210 for non-residents.

So make sure that you have your hunting license as the hunting season is around the corner. It would mean that you are authorized to hunt and have the required weapon. Make sure that you do not utilize the license for illegal purposes because you will have to face the consequences.  How much is a hunting license at Walmart? It differs but affordable.

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