How Much Does Walmart Mulch Cost

Mulch is any material placed around plants typically several inches thick to reduce weeds, decrease or increase ground temperature, retain ground humidity and reduce soil compaction. Organic mulches like compost, bark, wood chips, leaves, seed hulls, grass clippings, nut shells, paper, paperboard, or straw possess the added advantage which they add vitamins to the dirt as they decompose.

Mulches may be applied in spring or autumn based upon the wanted effect. In spring, mulch will assist prevent weed seeds from germinating, add vitamins to the dirt and maintain the temperatures cooler over the summer. Mulch applied in the fall will help keep soil temperatures warmer throughout the coming winter.

And where else to buy the best mulch than at Walmart’s? Know how much mulch cost at Walmart is.

Why should you mulch your plants?

Mulching is one of the greatest applications you can do for your plants. By mulching, you can reap so many benefits from it. Here are some advantages of mulching below.

Woods used to mulch plants

  • It keeps weeds out of your plant. Since mulch acts as a “barrier” in the soil, it reduces the chance weeds can grow by limiting sunlight and nutrients for them.
  • It controls and deters pests away from plants especially when you use cedar barks or highly fragrant ones.
  • Mulch invites earthworms to occupy the soil if you use organic mulching. As we know, worms help in making the soil healthy.
  • Assists in maintaining the moisture of the plant. Mulches absorb the water, cover the ground and limit evaporation. Therefore, it is helpful in summer months when plants go dry quickly.
  • Adds nutrients for the soil. Mulches have nutritional properties beneficial for the ground. When they decompose on top of the soil, it will also act as a fertilizer.

The method of mulching plants works wonders in your gardens. But it seems like it does not only help your lawn and foliage become healthy and vigorous, they also let you save your money. Walmart is already a store that lets you buy the things you need at every day low prices. Know Walmart mulch prices, and you are sure to snag a great deal.

What does mulching mean for your money?

The biggest advantage mulch can bring to your piggy bank is saving water bills. As much as mulches can do, they save about 10,000 gallons a year and reduce water use by 20% to 50%. This means that you can save around $30 to $70 a year, depending on your total water consumption at home.

Don’t you know how much does it cost to weed and mulch a garden? Companies have people paying about $300 to $1,000 for a mid-sized yard or roughly $30 to $50 per hourly rates. With just about mulching, they save water and labor cost worth $20 and up.

How much does Walmart mulch cost?

There are plenty kinds of mulches: from weeds to rocks and barks and newspapers. Perhaps the cheapest and affordable mulch you can buy are the mosses.

Moss mulch

Reproduced by spores, mosses are the most affordable mulch products at Walmart. And because it’s a lot cheaper, it tends to be the one often used by homeowners.

  • An ounce of Spanish moss costs $2.32.
  • Walmart mulch prices for preserved mosses start at $2.57 going to $5.55.
  • Green moss in a cubic inch bag ranges from $3.29 to $4.55.
  • Moss formed into sheets would cost you a starting price of $4.30.

Typically, the price range at Walmart for moss mulch starts at $2 with a max price of $50.41 for a peat moss bag of mulch.

Pebble and rock mulch

The use of pebbles and rocks for mulching slightly differs from absorbent mulches. Pebbles and other rocks don’t have absorbent properties and cause heat. They are perfect for sidewalks or other bare areas in your garden which you don’t want to grow weeds.

  • Pebbles and clear glass would start at $7 going to $17.
  • Large egg rocks, depending on the sizes would cost you about $12 to $22.
  • Beach pebbles in Walmart starts from $12 to $16.
  • Exotic Pebbles & Aggregates Wood Bean Pebbles is priced at an average of $13.

A 2,200 pounds of beach stones for your lawn has a price range of $600 to $1,200.

Straw bale mulch

This mulch is pretty seasonal. There’s a bunch of stocks at Walmart during fall – its peak season. A lot of business owners would also be selling them around town during the fall season.

  • Since it’s not always you can see much of straw bales they don’t come around more often. However, when they are available at Walmart, they cost $20 to $25.

Straw bale holds most common properties of mulches.

Wood mulch

Mulch cost at Walmart for wood chips are affordable. There are various types of wood mulch available for you to choose from.

Bricks fensing mulch

  • Red, brown and black wood mulch cost at Walmart is super cheap for $3.97.
  • Other bags of wood mulch costs around $9.88 to $19.76.
  • Cedar barks mulches cost $22.52, while cypress chips almost priced the same at $22.59.
  • Wood nuggets may cost around $25 to $40.

A super sack of mulch may cost nearly $1,000. Three-digit prices start at $235.18 going to $950.

Other variations of mulch

There are lots of mulch variations out there. Most of them, however, can already be found in your home or backyard. Other mulch products are as follows.

  • Newspaper and Cardboard
  • Grass clippings
  • Compost
  • Sawdust
  • Cocoa hull
  • Pine straw

You can probably see them anywhere – from your backyard to your neighbor’s or your city’s removal service company. Some of them you can have for free. If you ask nicely or during their peak season, these people would just give it to you over a beer or two.

As they say, one’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Walmart mulch products

Walmart mulch prices are highly affordable. Shopping at the store can bring tons of advantages like not only you can buy mulches, but different gardening tools if you need to mulch your lawn.

From shades, shears and pruner, these tools are readily available in packages worth $8 to $20.

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