How Much Does a Water Pump Cost

Vehicles are considered to be investments. We use them for a wide range of uses and purposes. From personal to business travels, it is important to make sure that our vehicles are in perfect running condition. To do that, you also have to make sure that it is well-maintained. Proper maintenance is key in order to avoid having problems along the road. For instance, there might be a need to replace the water pump of your vehicle. So, how much does a water pump cost

What’s Water Pump?

Perhaps many are not aware as to what a water pump is all about. It is actually container made of iron or aluminum. It is a component of the cooling system. Water pump has an impeller which is responsible in circulating water and coolant in the system to prevent overheating. Just like any other parts of your vehicle, it also undergoes the wear and tear process. So, you need to replace it right away to avoid any problem. This is to ensure that the cooling system of your vehicle works efficiently.

Water pump replacement cost in automobilesThere are common symptoms that you can easily notice and these will tell you as to whether it is now time to replace the water pump. For instance, if the coolant is leaking or if your car is overheating, chances are you need to replace the water pump. There are also cases where your car simply would not start. To avoid having to incur more costs and to aggravate the problem, it is better to take your vehicle to a repair shop. How much does a water pump cost? The cost varies depending on the service you need and the parts that need to be replaced.

Keep in mind that water pump replacement is a very important service. The engine creates heat that can damage itself. That is basically the role and the reason as to why there is a cooling system and what the water pump does is that it is responsible for circulating coolant all throughout the system. When the water pump has a problem, the result is that the engine might overheat which can result further damage.

Water Pump Costs

How much does a water pump cost? The water pump replacement cost actually differs. If you are going to hire a mechanic who will replace a water pump, the cost ranges from $300 to $750. This will still vary depending on the model and the make of the car and if there are parts that need to be removed. If you  want to purchase a water pump separately, the water pump cost is around $50 to $100. It could even be more. You can also check out the online retailer as their prices are way much cheaper. For the total of labor cost, you can expect having to pay about $200 to $400. The water pump replacement cost would depend on the complexity of the job. There are cases where it is difficult to reach the pump and there are also parts that need to be removed. Replacing a water pump take about 3 to 4 hours to complete.

Choosing a dealership will cost you more as they charge more. But the advantage is that they have more experience technicians who know the make of cars. Plus, they also make use of factory parts. If you want to reduce water pump replacement cost you may opt to for repair shops as they charge less. The only downside is that you are not so sure with the parts that they use. They might use aftermarket parts.

Aside from asking how much does a water pump cost, there are other costs that you need to factor in.  If you add seals, coolant and fan belts, the cost of the repair is different. The technician will definitely charge more. Depending on the assessment of the mechanic, he may suggest not just replacing the water pump, but as well as the timing chain or timing belt. In this case, you do not just factor in the water pump cost.

Are there discounts? There are repair shops that give discounts on their repair services especially if you are a regular customer. They can give you about 10% discount. Keep in mind that water pump replacement is not an easy job so make sure that you only hire professional mechanic to do the job.

What’s Included?

In paying for the water pump cost, you can expect that the mechanic will make the necessary repairs and other work. For one, the coolant has to be drained prior to making any repair. The timing belt also needs to be removed along with the other part. The mechanic also have to replace the water pump, the coolant and in certain cases even the timing belt. Before you hire a mechanic,it is best that you have an estimate of the total cost first.

How to Tell if Your Car Needs Water Pump Replacement

There are ways for you to see if your vehicle needs a water pump replacement.First let your vehicle sit parked in a garage, put a cardboard underneath the vehicle to see if there is a leak. If there is a leak, check where it comes from. Check the water pump pulley. At the front of the pump, search for the round part and move it back and forth. If ever it is loose then it is time to change it. Another indicator that your car needs to have a new water pump is when it does not start.

When shopping for a water pump, you can use directories where you can find shops offering repair services. Take the time to check them out and search if they have good feedback as well as complaints. There are also online retailers that sell water pumps.

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  1. I didn’t know the water pump can be that expensive! I thought it was a bit cheaper. Thank you for your tip about how to tell your water pump is going out. However, it should be noted that if your car heats u[p really quickly, your water heater may be out.


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