How Much Does a Wedding Dress Rental Cost

For the current bride, the wedding dress plays a leading role in her wedding. Investing in a brand new gown can tie up a strong piece of the couple’s spending budget, using up funds that may go to other parts of the wedding. Renting a wedding dress is an emerging style which gives brides the choice to wear a stunning gown without fully emptying their wedding budget.

Even brides that will not be constrained by a spending budget can gain several enticing advantages by renting a wedding dress. For a long time, couples have rented any number of significant wedding components, from tuxedos to folding chairs and tables for the reception.

Renting a wedding dress can be costly

If you buy a wedding dress, you will need to do something with it after your wedding. Some brides store their wedding dress for many years in the closet, never to put on it again.

Twenty years after your wedding, tastes may have probably changed, your time fashionable wedding dress can be an embarrassing reminder of an out-of-date fashion trend. After your wedding is over, you can just return the dress to the shop. Are we right?

So, what’s the cost to rent wedding dress?

The cost of renting the bridal gown

Wedding dress rental prices begin around $75, even expensive designer gowns might rent for less than $500. Many dress shops also include various perks with their rental fees, including cleaning services, alterations and jewelry.

  • Borrowing Magnolia. This online rental store let’s you fit the dress virtually. And if you want to try them on physically, you get to pay $40 and the shipping is on them. For additional dresses, you get to pay $29 for you to try them. Some dresses can already be bought for $275 to $385, but if you want to rent, the wedding dress rental price will start at $425 going to $2,025. Most of the gowns are 45% to 75% percent of their retail price. See more here.
  • Rent the Runway. The lowest we’ve recorded so far is a simple wedding dress for $30, while an elegant fold dress will get you for $300 – which has a retail price of $1,995. Dresses by Pamela and Pamela Roland to Marchesa Notte will give you a knee length wedding dress to part getups and formal wears for an inexpensive cost of $30. The highest cost to rent wedding dress in RTR is for $520 – a chemise gown by Narciso Rodriguez. See RTR wedding dresses here.
    Costs you might not see
    A cancellation fee of $10 will be charged if you decided to call it quits with your orders in less than 14 days due to your gown’s delivery.Moreover, if you lose the carrying case of the company, you will be charge $50 for it. By the way, late fees will cost you $50 again if you didn’t return the dress.
    Discounts and programs
    If you join their Stylepass Beta, you get to rent their wedding dresses at $65 per rental.For referrals, you can have a discount of $20 to $30 for introducing your friend to purchase wedding garments at RTR.
  • JJ’s House Gown Rental. The cost to rent wedding dress highly depending upon the season, JJ’s House offers women their bridal gowns starting from $97 and up to $600 worth of rental for a ball gown strapless cathedral train wedding dress.Find more about them in here.
    Cancellation policy
    Cancellations done within three to five days will get you a refund of 80% of the cost, while cancelling an order a day or two will get you 50% of your wedding dress rental price.
    Need maternity dresses? You can customize your chosen garment for $20. Also, if you don’t trust your computer screen to tell you the right colors of the gown, you can have the company ship to you the fabric starting from $6 to $27.
    Additionally, you can pay $15 dollars if you want your gown to have spaghetti straps.
  • One Night Affair. This rental house offers you not only wedding rental gowns but the whole package from hair, makeup and body sculpting. Even your dogs get themselves a makeover! Bridal gowns starts at $300. After the wedding, if you want to slip on something chic in the evening, formal gowns are available for $175 and cocktail starts at $125. And don’t forget about mommy. The bride’s mother will have her gown for $150.
    For them to do your do, an assessment will and initial styling will happen that lead you to your wedding day. This service will cost $125.Their makeup fee will charge you for $150 and so does their lash extension services. If you want to have a toned body during your wedding day and honeymoon, fitness experts will train you for $125.
    And your pooch? Pet dressups are for $125.

The Bottomline

modern and classic wedding dress

Renting a wedding dress is the ultimate tool for couples who would like to throw a fantasy wedding with no big budget. In the same time, luxury designer wedding gowns became incredibly popular with today’s brides for them to have.

By renting a dress, a bride can put on the wedding gown of her dreams, and brush aside her financial qualifications. Wedding dresses might be a prohibitively expensive portion of every couple’s wedding budget. Lots of the most popular fashions start at over $1, 000, and design clothes can sell for far more than that, reaching 3 to 4 and even 5 thousand dollars, despite the fact that it’s only some 8% of brides that will pay $2500 and above states, The Wedding Report.

Brides who would like to walk into a store and find a wedding dress that fits can be in for a surprise. Shelf space in most wedding dress boutiques is limited, and each individual store can only carry a limited amount of dresses. Most brides have to buy a dress months prior to the wedding in order that a pro tailor can alter the dress to do it fit. Most sell wedding dress boutiques must make hard selections about the stock that they carry.

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