How Much Does Wind Turbine Cost

One of the most affordable and cheap forms of electricity today is the wind energy and the best way to harvest wind energy is by using wind turbines. A wind turbine is a mechanical device that gathers wind energy. This then turns the kinetic energy of the wind into an electrical power. This is typically installed at the upper portion tall towers. The converted electric power is also ensured to be compatible with the current standards of the utility. The output given by the turbine is directed to the house’s wiring, typically at the house’s breaker panel. But how much is the cost of a wind turbine?

Average Wind Turbine Price

If you install a wind turbine, your home or your establishment is connected to the electrical utility and its respective wind turbine. The utility will only give you the needed power if the speed of the wind is under seven MPH. This is because this is the lowest speed that wind turbines can convert energy. The relationship between the utility and its wind turbine is inversely proportional.

Wind Turbine average costs

This means that when the speed’s wind increases, the output the turbine increases, the power that is needed then decreases. What happens when the wind turbine can give an output which exceeds the requirements of the house? Well, the surplus electricity is being sold to other utilities. Every process is automatically done. Usually, the current models of a residential wind turbine have no batteries.

So what is the advantage of having a wind turbine? The biggest advantage you can have is a lowered utility bill. Wind turbines can lower the cost of your electrical bill by around 50 percent up to 90 percent.

The cost of a wind turbine greatly depends on the maximum power output or kilowatts it can provide. The bigger the maximum output it can give the bigger it can cost you. However, the total cost will also depend on many factors.

Typically, an average-sized home consumes 1,000 kW up to 2,000 kW per hours of electricity every month. And the proper wind turbine that is needed also depends on the usual wind speed your location. But the usually required wind turbine is ranging 5 up to 15 kW. Wind turbines that are less than 100 kW can cost you around $3,000 on the lower end and $8,000 on the higher end per kW of capacity. Installing a 10 kW wind turbine can cost you a total of $50,000 on the lower end and up to $80,000 on the higher end.

If you are planning to install a wind turbine for commercial purposes, expect to spend millions of dollars. However, even if commercial wind turbines cost a lot in total, they become cheaper per kW of energy they produced. Commercial wind turbine price usually runs around $3 million up to $4 million in total (installation included). The given estimate is for a 2 MW (megawatts) wind turbine. The total wind turbine price and its installation greatly depend on a lot of factors such as the number of wind turbines installed, the cost of financing, the contract of construction, the project location, and much more.

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Is a Wind Turbine Right for You?

Since a typical wind turbine is a large device, it is not a good option to be installed at an urban location or small-lot suburban homes. The recommended property size before you can install a wind turbine is one acre or more. And that doesn’t end there. You will also be required to be located in an area with an average wind speed of 10 mph.

If you are a green person, then don’t worry. Wind Turbines doesn’t produce pollution, unlike power plants that rely on combustion such as coals and natural gas. And when you opt to use wind power as your source of energy, you are lessening the pollution that might be generated by the utility company of your area.

Extra Costs

Now that you have an idea on how much is the cost of a wind turbine, you should also know the cost associated with the installation. Usually, the additional cost you will have to make is the maintenance cost. At first, you should expect that the maintenance cost for your wind turbine is very low. But as years pass by, you can expect the operational and maintenance cost to go high.

Power Excess

A typical wind turbine is connected to your power meter upon installation. Your home will consume first the electricity given provided by the wind turbine, then from your utility company. So whenever the wind speed is low, all the power that your house consumes will be coming from the utility company. Your electric meter will work as it is, recording every kW hours you consume.

How Much Does Wind Turbine Cost

On the other hand, when the wind speed is high, the electricity that your house consumes will be coming more from your turbine and less from your utility company. There will be a point where you will not be needing electricity from the company. If your wind turbine produces more electricity than your house needs, then the rest of the power will go into the electrical grid and will provide power to your neighbor’s houses. Your power meter will also record in reverse. This means that you will be credited for the electricity you supplied.

There are times where people don’t have any electric bill. Instead, the utility company pays them!

Overall, wind turbines are a great way to save money while helping our environment. However, the only downside is the high installation cost. Another downside is the requirements such as the average wind speed of your location. If you still don’t know what the advantages of a wind turbine are, you can visit the official website of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

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