How Much Does Window Installation Cost

Windows are a very important part of the house. It allows fresh air to enter. Windows also bring light and warmth to your home. A house without a window will give a feeling of imprisonment. However, a window can also let uninvited elements in, such as intruders and burglars. That is why a high-quality window should be installed. So if you are constructing a new home, you should consider the cost of windows as part of your total estimate. There are a lot of types of windows you can avail. With this, you’ll get to ask the question, how much does it cost to install a window?

Average Window Installation Prices

You should first know that the price of windows and its installation cost depends on many factors. Here are some of the factors:

Average Window Installation Prices

  • Number of Windows – As part of the basic rule, the more windows you want to install in your house, the more it will cost you. However, there are some professional window installer that offers less window installation prices if you want to install a lot of windows at the same time.
  • Sizes of Windows – The size of a window depends on what part of your house it will be installed. Usually, a large window with a size ranging from 3 feet by 4 feet up to 6 feet by 6 feet is used in living rooms. On the other hand, smaller windows with a size ranging from 2 feet by 1.5 feet up to 2 feet by 3 feet are often used in bathrooms. Almost all of manufacturers of windows offer different sizes of windows.
  • Sash Materials of Window – Another part your window is its sash. And it can be made of different materials, which affects the price. Here is the list of window sash materials together with its price:
    • Aluminum – This type of material is rustproof, only have a lightweight, and it is cheap. However, it has high thermal transferability and is not commonly available. The cost runs around $75 up to $300.
    • Vinyl – This type of material requires little or no maintenance at all. They have high durability and doesn’t shrink or swell due to humidity changes. However, they have limited design and colors. Vinyl usually cost around $130 up to $500. There are a lot of manufacturers that offer vinyl window sash, one of this is TAFCO.
    • Wood – This type of material has a lot of different designs, appearance, and color options. However, it requires a lot of maintenance. Wood sash is also prone to peeling and fading of paint. This usually costs around $150 up to $800.
    • Steel – is the most expensive type of window sash. This is also the most durable and fire resistant type. Steel sash requires low maintenance. However, its drawbacks are its cost and its weight (steel usually are the heaviest type). Steel window sash costs around $300 up to $1,500.
  • Window Panes – Window panes are another factor that could affect the cost to install a window. Double-pane windows are one of the expensive types of a window pane. However, it will cost you less in the long run because of the energy efficiency it can give. Here is the list of window panes together with its cost:
    • Single Window Pane – the cheapest type. However, it usually has low insulation and is not commonly available. Its cost usually runs around $47.
    • Double Window Pane – This type of window pane provides better insulation that single window pane, it is always available, and has a lot of options available. The cost usually runs around $96.
    • Low-E Window Pane – This type of window pane provides better energy efficiency. This type of window pane is not advisable to be paired with a vinyl siding. The cost usually runs around $110.
    • Triple Window Pane – is another type of window pane that provides better insulation than double. Its availability is lesser than double and single panes. It is also much more expensive, usually around $128.
    • Laminated Window Pane – This type of window pane is best for large windows. However, it cannot be paired with other options of a window pane. It is also very expensive, usually around $750.
    • Tempered Window Pane – Has the highest durability of all. It doesn’t easily break during strong winds or storms. The cost usually runs around $750.
    • Argon Filled – This type of window pane provides the best insulation among them all. However, it can be very expensive, depending on the size of the window. The cost usually runs around $40 up to $55 per square feet. How Much Does Window Installation Cost
  • Window Type – Window type can affect the process of installation. This means that it can also affect the window installation prices. There are also a lot of different types of windows with a different cost.
    • Awning – Awning type of window provides better ventilation and privacy. It is best installed in the bathrooms. The cost usually runs around $90 up to $400.
    • Double hung – is a type of window that can be easily cleaned. Double hung usually costs around $150 up to $400.
    • Sliding – this is one of the most popular types of window and is often installed in the living room. The cost runs around $220 up to $760.
  • Labor – Of course, you will need to hire a professional to install the windows for you. The rate of the installation usually depends from one location to another. The average rate of installation usually runs around $100 up to $200 per window.

Window installation is usually not a DIY project. But if you have knowledge about carpentry and if you really insist on doing the installation by yourself, you can visit DIY Network to get the complete instructions on how to install a window.

Extra Costs

Now that you have an idea on how much does it cost to install a window, you will also need to know how its extra cost associated.

  • Additional carpentry might be needed to fit your new windows, especially if your house is very old.
  • Permits might be required for the installation of your window, depending on your location.

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