How Much Does Windshield Wiper Cost

What are windshield wipers, but those black blades as a safety facet on your vehicle that should be kept in good conditions? Wipers are designed to adapt and protect your windshields both from the summer heat and the cold winter, especially that the snow can be harsh on your vehicle.

The blades when heavily used will crack from the wear and tear of the unforgiving weather. As it will not be able to provide a clean windshield when during bad weather, accidents can happen. It’s rather vital to take care of your windshield wipers.

If cleaning won’t do much help on your wipers, it’s time to buy for new ones. And if you have to replace them, always replace them in pairs, because if one is wearing out, the other will follow suit too. The cost of wiper blades is cheap. Possibly ranging from $4, many choose to upgrade and shell out more money for high, durable wipers.

Know The Wipers

Traditional Rubber Blades. The rubber is supple and can be attached to its joint and is strong enough to keep the Windshield wiper partswindshield clean and clear. However, the disadvantage of using rubber is that it gets dry and will crack after a season under bad climate. Auto experts advised that traditional rubber blades should be changed around every 6 months.

Silicone Blades. They survive longer in harsh weather and perform better than rubber blades. These wipers are often used for high duty vehicles such as those that need off road protection from dirt and mud. Silicone blades have a similar design and flexibility as to the rubber blades but are stronger. They leave traces of oil on your windshield to clean off water-based elements sticking in your windshield.

Coated Blades. Strong wipers are often made with developed rubber properties to increase function and longevity of the blade. Coated blades have rubber parts “coated” with protective materials that clean the windshield. It lasts longer and provides a cleaner and streak-free performance.

Framed Blades. Made with steel frames, the wipers put pressure on the windshield along the blade length and wipes off any residue of dirt or ice out of the windshield. High maintenance is required as this wiper create streaks on the windshield due to heavy pressure.

Bracketless Blades. These new blades have beams that create pressure at the arc. Probably the biggest advantage is that snow and ice cannot build up on the blade, thus, making the wiper perfect for colder climates.

Hybrid Frame and Bracketless Blades. Someone combined the features of both framed and bracketless designs to create pressure at the midpoint and along the blades to provide a cleaner and more consistent stroke on the windshield.

Average Cost of a Windshield Wiper

How much do windshield wipers cost varies highly because often the driver’s blade length is different than the one on the passenger’s side. So, most wipers are usually sold separately rather than in pairs.

The cost of wiper blades can start at $3. A Michelin High-Performance Wiper Blade costs only $3.63 and an ACDelco Advantage All Season Metal Windshield Wiper Blade costs $4.75 to $9.02 with lengths that range from 11 inches to 26 inches.

Traditional rubber blades start at $7 going to $15. These wipers are often quick and easy to install with.

Basic features consist of prevention and removing of sleet, snow, ice, bugs, and road spray from sticking to the glass.

Silicone wipers for sale are available at the starting price of $14. Also, however, these windshield wipers price reaches $50. Costs of these wiper blades are a bit pricey due to its features. The silicone rubber creates a water repellent barrier and promotes water beading action for easy cleaning of the windshield. It promises better resistance to all environments.

If you’re lucky, you can have coated blades starting from $7 and can have as much as $30. Reviews highly rave that its low price includes blended graphite coated rubber blade that delivers smooth, clean, and chatter free wipe as it is built in an aerodynamic spoiler that significantly reduces drag, noise and wind lift. It prevents ice and snow build-up through theWiper car elimination of exposed metal components and its durable rubber encased substructure increase wiper flexibility and adherence to the windshield in harsh conditions.

Framed blades normally cost near $20 and could go up to $40. Upon sale, these windshield wipers price can go as low as $9. Though it creates tough pressure on the windshield, technology made it in order to reduce noise for silent wiping and seamless pressure across the length of the blade which allows for a close fit to your windscreen.

If you want extra protection from the inclement weather, bracketless blades are what you’re looking for and they are available at $4 as well. The ABN Bracketless All Season Windshield Wiper Blade starts at $4.84 to $5.24. Normally they start at $10 and could go up high and reach $50.

Combined features of framed and bracketless blades will give you a hybrid and can cost you an inexpensive windshield wiper of $3 but can stretch to $45.

Any Extra Costs You Need To Know

When cleaning or buying new windshield wipers, it’s a good idea to take some windshield wiper fluid which costs $2-$20 a bottle depending on brand and how much liter it can fill up. SPLASH 235826 Windshield Wash Cleaner,1 Gal,32 F costs only $1.97, while best-seller Prestone All Season Washer Fluid is for $2.97.

These fluids have been made to keep your windshield clear no matter the weather so to remove insect residues and road dirt on being off-road and improve winter driving visibility by quickly melting snow.

Moreover, some auto stores include free installation if you purchase windshield wiper blades. Others may charge an additional $20-$25.

You ask how much do windshield wipers cost, but it’s reasonably priced and is available for a wide range of vehicles. You are free to pay higher, of course, to snag that long lasting windshield wiper that fits your needs.

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