XSport Fitness Membership Fee

XSport Fitness Gym knows how important living a healthy lifestyle is for you that is why they have made their fitness center conducive to your needs. Starting off as a small business until they grew into a well respectable one, the XSport Fitness Center knows what you need as a gym enthusiast and is ready to meet your every need. Knowing the XSport Membership cost is crucial for you in making the right decision on which gym to choose so as the equipment and classes that they offer at the facilities.

Rates of XSport Fitness Membership

Many fitness centers offer different rates and plan to their patron in order to adjust to their time and needs. XSports Fitness strives to provide their clients with an enjoyable, uplifting,XSport Fitness club comfortable and clean environment so that they can exercise and train but have fun at the same time. The XSport Fitness prices vary depending on the terms of your payment and how many of you are enrolling.

There are two payment terms that you can choose from if you want to enroll at XSport Fitness Center. There is the monthly payment term and the Annual payment term. Each payment option has different prices if you opt to enroll as a solo member or a duo so it is important that you know the difference in pricing.

The XSport Membership cost for a monthly payment will differ for solo member and duo member. If you join as a solo member, you would have to pay an initiation fee worth $174.99 while your monthly fee will cost you $49.95. There is no cancellation fee for the XSport membership so it is OK if you decide to quit going to this gym.

If you choose to pay monthly but you enroll as a duo then your initiation fee as a pair is worth $349.99. This is actually the same as going solo but only twice the price. But the monthly due of a pair will only cost you $69.99. That is a $30 value for two persons compared to enrolling solo.

If you decide to choose to pay your due on a yearly basis, the XSport Fitness prices will have a different rate. If you are a solo member paying yearly for your membership then your initiation fee will remain the same at $174.99. Your yearly fee for joining the club will cost you $599.99. If you divide it by twelve, your monthly fee will only cost $49.99 which is almost the same as the payment for the monthly fee.

If you are an annual payer but enrolls as a duo, your initiation fee is still the same at $349.99 while your yearly fee is set to $839.99. The fee is basically the same as the monthly fee only multiplied by 12. Note that there is no cancellation fee for any annual payment subscribers.

If you do decide to become a member of XSport Fitness Gym you will be given the privilege of using all of the clubs facilities and equipment. You will also get to use their towels and their lockers as well. The gym also has children’s play area with a closed-circuit TV monitor so that you can leave your kids while you are working out but still feel secure because you can monitor what they are doing as well.

Cost Of Other Services At XSport Fitness Gym

There are other services at XSport Fitness that you can avail aside from their gym equipment and workout area. They also offer XSport Spa and XSport Tan for their clients at the convenience of the fitness center. The XSport Membership cost spa service includes manicures, pedicures, skin care, facials, waxing for face and/or body. They offer a 30-Minute Massage for ONLY $29. If you buy any of their hair care product, you will get a 40% discount on your next purchase.

They also have spa packages for only $199 each. This includes 3-60 minute massages as well as 3 classic facials and 2 specialty facials. It also includes 6 No Chip Manicures or 6 Classic Pedicures and Keratin Smoothing Treatment or Brazilian Blowout Treatment.

If you want to try their state-of-the-art European tanning equipment which is UV-Free, you can get it at $5 every Sunday, Monday & Tuesday in January. This is fairly cheap and if you want to buy their tanning lotion, you can even get a 30% discount on this product. They also have a $9.99 UV-FREE Spray Tans that you can purchase through their store.

They also have supplements that you can buy at the XSport Fitness Gym. Their L-Carnitine Berry & Green Apple 16 oz. cost around $15 to $20. They also have a Men’s Multi + Test GAT Essentials which ranges from $10 to $20.  If you buy a Cellucor GEN4 P6 Chrome 60 ct. for $23 to $46 you will also get a P6 PM 120 ct. 50% OFF.

Free Pass At XSport Fitness Gym


Now that you know the XSport Fitness prices and want to try out their services then the XSport Fitness Gym offers a free 7 day guest pass valued at $125. This guest pass will include a gym access for you and a friend as well as a FREE Personal training session, Body fat testing and tanning. The start date begins once you have met with an XSport Fitness Consultant and must be must be redeemed within 7 days of date printed on the pass.

Although gyms may try their best to get to sign you up for a paid membership after you have tried their services, but there is really no obligation on your part if you do say no. You should not be pressured to sign up for a new set of membership especially if you had just withdrawn or canceled another gym membership just recently.

Always remember that you will always have a choice on which gym you want to enroll at. Make your research online so that you can compare prices. Go out and check their facilities, gym equipment and classes. This is the best way to choose the right gym for you.

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