How Much Does Yellow Fever Vaccine Cost

Before we discuss the topic regarding the average cost of yellow fever vaccine, let us first give you the idea what a yellow fever is, because that’s what this yellow fever vaccine is for.

To start with, a yellow fever is a viral disease brought by mosquitos to humans. A person who has yellow fever, can contaminate other people with being infected by it. Some of symptoms that yellow fever exhibits are: nausea, vomiting, headache, chills and fever. This disease could cause the skin or the eyes of their patient turn into yellow, the next worse thing about this disease is the possible organ failures of liver, kidney and the respiratory system. This yellow fever is fatal in nature.

Because of the yellow fever disease, a yellow fever vaccine has become significant since it can help prevent you from acquiring the disease. It is only administered from vaccination centers approved by the health department. Once injected into the person, the vaccine will stay effective for at least 10 years from the vaccination date. Later in the article we’ll be able to tackle how much does yellow fever vaccine cost.

Who Needs A Yellow Fever Vaccine?

Yellow Fever VaccineThe people who are highly encouraged to get a yellow fever vaccine are usually the ones who plan to travel to certain countries like South America and the Sahara or Africa. Once the patient has been injected of the vaccine they will receive a certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis, this will serve as their proof when travelling to another country. The appropriate age for getting this vaccine is at least 9 years old.

According to the, yellow fever vaccine has its own side effects. It includes, muscle pain, headaches, mild fever, and soreness on the area where it was injected. Reactions of the body towards the vaccine will occur in one to five days after the vaccination, and may last up to two weeks. This is why the most recommended and ideal time to get vaccinated for yellow fever vaccine is 10 days before your trip as doctors would suggest. The best time to finding out about the yellow fever vaccination price would be 6 – 12 months prior to your planned vaccination. This is so that you can select the best price for the average cost of yellow fever vaccine.

And Now, For The Cost Of Vaccination 

Yellow fever vaccination price are not usually covered by health insurance plans for the reason that, it is travel related so, they are considered as elective. Generous health care plans that offers preventive benefit will allow coverage for the vaccine. If your insurance allows coverage, the copay of $10 to $40 dollars for a doctor’s visit and another copay for the vaccination could be possible.

Before getting a shot you will have to be seen by a doctor first. Consultation comes with a fee, and the vaccine single dosage also. When in the doctor’s office you can ask him or her how much does yellow fever vaccine cost, and other details about the vaccine. The total cost for both will probably be in between $150 to $350 dollars. Since usual initial consultation price is around $39 dollars plus the $110 vaccination cost. If the patient’s travel itinerary may have some complexities, a follow up visit with the doctor may be necessary with another cost of around $25 to $85 dollars for the consultation and at another dose of vaccine which could be around $105 to $215 dollars. According to the experts, the prices public clinic gives are lower than those given by the private ones.

And because the validity of the vaccine is up to 10 years, you will only need to get a booster shot for it in the next ten, and just pay for a new average cost of yellow fever vaccine. For added protection, since yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes, you can buy an insect repellent that contains 50% DEET. The price of the bottle or tube for this repellent is $10 dollars, and can be purchased in discount stores and drugstores in your locality.

Vaccine Tips

After finding out about how much does yellow fever vaccine cost, and being willing to pay the average cost of yellow fever vaccine. You have to make sure that the place or center you visit should be able to provide you the right information about yellow fever vaccine. To those who are not yet so sure where to find the vaccine, you can always contact the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They have data there that will show you the requirements for getting the vaccine together with their recommended dosage depending on which country you are travelling to.

Visit only authorized clinics, so you can be provided proper and official international certificate of the Vaccination. This will help you avoid being quarantined or being denied entry to a certain country. Also because of the health risk of vaccination, not everybody is entitled to get yellow fever vaccine. This vaccine is for travelers who are at a high risk for the disease. Generally this vaccine is safe for adults especially when they are under 60 years old.

As per guidelines given by the CDC, women who are pregnant or nursing, and people with immunorompromised disease should discuss the risk involved with the yellow fever vaccine, with their doctors. If possible, they should rather postpone travel engagements to avoid health problems. If at the situation where the vaccine is contraindicated this should be for medical reasons mostly, you only have to have to obtain a letter from your physician regarding that.


The yellow fever vaccination price can be deemed insignificant f you compare it with the protection you are getting for being immunized with it. Its success factor is from 80% to 100% percent, within 10 days after being immunized with it. After the 30th day from the vaccination, the protection figure raises from 80% to 99% percent secure. With the 10 years affectivity, the first dose is almost counted as lifetime.

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