YMCA Gym Membership Cost

The Young Men’s Christian Association or YMCA may be the most popular organization to date promoting Christian principles focusing on a healthy body, mind, and spirit. The association has been around since 1844 and since then they have engaged in various charitable activities such as providing athletic facilities for the local community. Now, the YMCA is known for their health and fitness facility at a lower price. The YMCA gym membership cost are cheaper with a wide variety of equipment and facilities all over the world.

Cost Of A YMCA Gym Membership

Since the YMCA focuses on the youth, they have various type of classes for the young teens who are interested in keeping themselves fit and healthy. Different YMCA branches have different rates and age limits. They also have different facilities that you can use and what’s good for them is that when you are enrolled in one YMCA branch, you can have access to the other branches of the same state. That is why many are interested in knowing the YMCA gym prices.

Since each YMCA Branch has different rates, here is the estimated YMCA Gym Membership cost:

CategoryBI-Weekly FeeMonthly Fee
Youth (17 Years & Under)
Young Adult (18-24 Years)$17.00$34.00
Adult (25-64 Years)$24.00$48.00
Senior (65+ Years)$22.00$44.00
Super Senior (80+ Years)$17.00$34.00

The YMCA gym prices vary depending on your age. If you are below eighteen then your rate is the lowest among the other age range. Though they also take into consideration the senior citizens by given them ample discount according to their age as well.

You will notice that the highest paying age group would be the adults and that is because they can provide for themselves and can support others as well. You can also enroll as a couple which will cost you around $7.00 in savings if you enroll as a single adult. Also, you can get a bigger discount if you enroll as a family as this will include both parents and their dependents.

The membership fee of the YMCA is fairly simple. No initiation fee and no cancellation fee but the benefits as a member is great. You will gain access to all the amenities of the gym such as open fitness studio, running tracks, open climbing wall, racquet courts, children’s play structures and activity centers.

Aside from that, you can also use the Aquatic Centre such as the swimming pools and steam room. You can also enroll yourself at their skills program in dancing, swimming, and martial arts. Since the YMCA is an international organization, their equipment is top-of-the-line and they also have a wellness program to track your progress.

Note that you would have to pay a $60.00 none refundable joining fee once you enroll as a member of the YMCA Gym. This is for all the Family, Adult, Couple, Senior and Plus memberships. If you have not gone to the gym for more than 90 days then your membership will be canceled and you will start as a new member once more.

Cost Of Services For Non-Members At YMCA

If you do not want to be a member but would like to avail of their facilities and services then you are still welcome to join the group. You have two options to choose from if you opt to be a non-member, you can either purchase a $70 Monthly Visitor Pass or you can use their facilities for a daily fee.

Here are the YMCA Gym Membership cost for non-members:

CategoryDaily Fee
Youth (17 Years & Under)
Young Adult (18-24 Years)
Adult (25-64 Years)$11.00
Senior (65+ Years)$10.00

If you are below 18 years of age and would like to use their facilities then you would only have to pay a minimal fee of $7.00 to use them. If you are 18 to 24 then you would just need to add $1.00 and you can use their equipment. This option is very good to those who are tight on their budget and want to make sure that they can manage their gym payments well.

Other Fees At the YMCA Gym

At the YMCA Gym

Aside from the usual YMCA gym prices that you have to pay when you enroll at the gym, there are still other fees and services that you can take a look at while you are working out. One of them is the Locker Card which is used as a keycard for your lockers when you work out. You can leave your things and gym bags in the locker and not worry about where to put them. A reusable locker card will cost $5.00 and if you need a replacement you can get it for another $5.00.

If you want your membership to include a full-length locker and towel rental then you can avail of the Adult Membership Plus (18+ Years) which will cost $40. If you are a senior member and want a locker and towel you would have to pay $38.

If you want to avail of the Super Senior Membership plus which includes full-length locker and towel rental then you can pay $33. But if you are already a member and wants to add a Full-length Locker Rental to your membership then you would just have to add $9 while a lockerette rental which is smaller than a regular locker will cost $4. You can also rent out towels in case you have forgotten to bring one. A towel service only cost $7.

Signing up as a member of the YMCA Gym is advantageous for you. It is cheaper than your usual fitness center and it is open to all age level starting from kids to teens, adults and even seniors. They have numerous cardiovascular equipment that you can use such as stationary bicycles, stair climbing machines, elliptical machines, rowing machines and other facilities that will be beneficial for you. They also have trainers who are always there to give you advice and ready to answer your queries in terms of your workout routine.

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