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How Much Does Semi Truck Cost

Have you been scratching your head wondering why semi-truck prices never seem to drop? Well, you are not alone. Unless one is up for a second-hand truck, the prices of new ones are never looking like they’ll drop. It’s amazing how you will visit a motor vehicle store and find some old stock of mini […]

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How Much Does Ball Joint Replacement Cost

These are sphere-like bearings that connect both steering knuckles and the control arm in all vehicles. Question on how much do replacing Ball joints price depends highly on the type, manufacturer, and the market one is getting it from. They essentially serve as a pivot between the suspension and the wheels. Both the hub and the […]

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How Much Does Bumper Repair Cost

This is a beam or metal bar attached to the vehicles rear-most and front-most ends. It is designed to absorb both severe most and light impacts in case of a collision. It is designed in a way that once there is a collision, the inner parts of the car gets a little or no damage […]

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How Much Does Car Starter Cost

Probably one of the most frustrating car breakages that could happen to anyone is that of the car starter. What would you feel if you were in a hurry to go to school or to work and you tried starting your car and it won’t? What if you have tried clicking and clicking the key […]

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How Much Does CV Axle Replacement Cost

Having a car trouble? Are you dealing with loud clicking noises? Or experiencing excessive vibration? Are you in need of a CV axle replacement? If you are, you are probably wondering how much it costs to repair a CV shaft or have it replaced. The average CV axle replacement cost ranges from $200 to $1,600. […]

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How Much Does Tire Rotation Cost

Have you visited your trusted automotive repair shop lately? Have you had your tires checked for any damage or misalignment? Have you asked for a tire rotation service? Well, your mechanic sure is hoping for three yeses. Tire rotation is one auto service that is usually taken for granted. Sadly, some car owners do not […]

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How Much Does Tie Rod Replacement Cost

Most automotive parts survive years and years of use no matter what kind of driving is being exhibited by the owner. But due to some unavoidable conditions, these parts, especially the tiny delicate ones easily suffer wear and tear and therefore need early replacement. Tie rods are just an example of these tiny parts that […]

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